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Kotei, just like Ifeajuna

Emmanuel Ifeajuna

They were Commonwealth Games medalists in high jump, born in 1935, joined the Army and were executed by firing squad. Emmanuel Arinze Ifeajuna and Ebenezer Abossey Kotei, better known as Robert, shared so much in common. Note the striking initials, E.A.

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They nearly foxed Akinrinade

General Alani Akinrinade may not remember this story. He was involved, no doubt, and my source was a Biafran officer, Gogo Lemchi, whose last major political appointment was, Supervisory Councilor, Nkwerrre/Isu Local Government Council, Imo State while the general served as Army chief between 1979 and 1980.

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Lessons from civil war

We cannot  delete our past especially now that insecurity is threatening the polity. About this time 51 years ago, Nigeria was in turmoil. What started as police action became a full blown war when Lt. Gado Nasko powered the first artillery shots that signaled the beginning of the civil war.

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