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If Prince Harry were a Nigerian prince

You have got to feel for Prince Harry. This time last year, he was literally the golden haired boy. He was a royal among royals: the quintessential upper crust.

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Medical fugitives

Ex-Governor Ayo Fayose could be excused if all he did was seek medical help from nature. There are many in the medical world who believe in letting nature do its healing work first before syringes and pills take over. The first thing our elders used to do whenever they visited a sick person who was bedridden was to open the windows and draw the blinds to let fresh air and light flood the room. It was their way of letting nature in. A close friend once had a child who had a nasal issue. The elderly doctor the wife consulted advised her to take the child to the beach early in the morning for a month to let the salty air do the healing. If that didn’t happen, then he would prescribe drugs. And in years past, luxurious sea travel used to be specially recommended for the rich who needed to recuperate. Exercises are also a good form of the healing process. And exercises come in different ways—from dancing to walking to aerobics to sports. Fayose obviously prefers dancing—and who would blame him especially if the instructor or dancing partner is a beautiful damsel.

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Every day is minus one

The year 2019 and its baggage, came to a final, inexorable end this week. It was without a whimper. In fact, it was so seamless that one had to make an effort to notice its passage and an even greater effort to stop whatever one was doing in acknowledgement. Yet, with it came the end of a decade—some would say a momentous one—to make it two decades after the much hyped millennium.

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Touch a life, save a life

I woke up late morning to a darkened room and looked out to see heavy clouds. I had started my morning devotion when the elements opened up. Thankfully not in torrents but in drizzles. It was one of those days you wished you could stay in bed and curl up with a good book. But it was a day I needed to venture out and rain would be a dampener.

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Orji Uzor Kalu: Beyond celebrating Conviction, We Need To Ask ‘Why?’

Orji Uzor Kalu as a scape goat

A man who has lived the greater part of his life in opulence having made money early in life and the latter years in superlative opulence—according to the picture of one of his homes that went viral—having allegedly appropriated the commonwealth of his people, recently changed his address, albeit unwillingly, to a much poorer abode.

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Fowler, FIRS, AIna

A disturbing signal

In any case, Tunde Fowler is gone. He has been replaced by a man of lesser visibility if not pedigree. The same day, Muiz Banire, the Chairman of AMCON was removed. Some will say rather unceremoniously. Some will say it was in line with the provision of the institution. Both are Yoruba men. Both were replaced with Northerners. Ordinarily, it shouldn’t matter where a replacement comes from as long as a better man gets the job.

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It is that time of the year again

It was palpable; this air of expectancy. I felt it as soon as I drove into Police College Ikeja, for the second of my twice weekly exercise. I felt it in the banners that were conspicuously placed in strategic places; I felt it in the white chairs and the huge tents that took over the playing fields; I felt it in the huge loudspeakers that faced outwards rather than inwards; I felt it in the kiosks that were already bursting with activities; I felt it in the excitement of the young men and women as they trickled in with tracts in their hands; I felt it and I sighed. It is that time of the year again. What I had just seen were the trappings of another end-of-the-year vigil.

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Factory setting

My phone ‘died’ on me for nearly two weeks last month. It was an unnerving experience. Unnerving because I didn’t realise how dependent I am – we all are – on that little flat gadget we can’t seem to let out of our sight for a second. It is, for many, more faithful than a dog, more intimate than a lover and more efficient than a secretary. Unfortunately, it could also be more addictive than cocaine. It is the ultimate alter ego. Embedded in those tiny chips is the entire life of their users including secrets they would not want even their best friends to know. Phones come in various shapes and sizes. But whatever the shape or sophistication, the aim is the same; to take over the life of their owners. And we willingly let them. To the extent that all you need is a day with someone’s phone and you would be able to profile the person accurately enough to live in that person’s world comfortably.

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