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Decision 2019: APC campaign council inauguration

APC, the ruling party, flagged off its presidential campaign officially on Monday with the inauguration of its presidential campaign council.

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Celebrate Christmas unusual

A very moving Christmas story came my way via WhatsApp this week. It was the story of an old man who couldn’t find a reason to celebrate Christmas since his wife died. He didn’t hate Christmas. Just was indifferent. In his mind, Christmas is supposed to be celebrated with loved ones and since his loved one had died, that was it. So as usual, this Christmas eve found him in his small office at his gas station.

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Coming home

Being in the air can be ethereal. There is this incomparable feeling of peace and well-being as the plane glides almost imperceptibly between clouds. It is also the closest to nature one can possibly ever get—whether the plane is passing over the vastness of the oceans, deserts, mountains or just clouds— with the fading sun gliding along side the plane like a compass, a lodestar.

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First impressions of Australia

The visas to Australia came on the day we were originally billed to travel and two days after we had cancelled our tickets to avoid ‘losing everything.’ It was the culmination of three months of anxiety, of supplying information after information, of taking a fresh polio injection at my age and in desperation, of enlisting the help of my younger colleagues to find out what had gone wrong.

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Another October, another anniversary, another cycle of lies

October is the tenth month of the year. It is also the second of the dreaded ember months. So all of us should be grateful for making it thus far. After all, a lot of healthier and more privileged people had passed on already. This October makes it the 58th year of our nationhood. So the nation should be grateful for making 58 in spite of the many challenges bedevilling our nation state.

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