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Heroes and Villains: We are assessing

Nigeria in handcuffs: The DISCOs and the spirit of NEPA

It is difficult in normal times, to differentiate those who really care for the people they lead from those who are just glib and silver tongued. It is a lot easier in peace times to mount the soap box and mouth platitudes that you think people want to hear or make promises that will win you votes.

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Fear of coronavirus is the beginning of wisdom

‘To travel or not to travel.’ That was the question to which I needed a divine answer last weekend. This would have been an easier question to answer had the travel involved only me. But involved were people from different parts of the world that I rarely see; we were looking forward to spending time together.

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Nigeria in handcuffs: The DISCOs and the spirit of NEPA

Another reminder; lest we forget

I learnt a lesson about 40 years ago that has stayed with me since. It was during the anti-apartheid days. Nigeria had hosted a three or five day ‘World Action Against Apartheid Conference’ which I had covered as a reporter. Little naïve me was exasperated that there was too much rhetoric and very little ‘action’ at the conference.

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Supreme Court, Imo

Why our Supreme Court must be protected

The Supreme Court has been in the news lately; and for the wrong reasons. While we were still gabbling with the case of Imo State where a gold medal was given to a man who should not even be on the medal table according to INEC’s result of the State’s gubernatorial race that of Bayelsa State reared its head where a silver medallist was awarded a gold medal.

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COVID-19: Nigeria, 38 other African countries to benefit from GPE US$250 fund

If I had five million dollars

I had many things lined up for last Friday. I was actually looking forward to some of them; like my time at the club for instance. But they paled into insignificance as soon as I heard what was going to be on DSTV that evening. It was tagged: ‘The Match in Africa.’

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Some things youths get up to

We’ve all done things around our parents in our youthful years that they never wizened up to. They probably never believed we were capable of some of them. And no matter how liberal or strict a home is, youths will always want to test the limits.

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Nigeria and new economic status in Africa

Land of extreme wealth and of extreme poverty

It is natural to develop some vested interests in a place when you have lived there for as long as I lived in FESTAC town.So ten years after I left, I still know about the traffic to and from the town; I am aware of the congestion in parts of the town that is threatening to turn them into slums; I know about the rising crime caused in the main by a growing number of loitering, jobless youths.

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