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Bus Stop Parliament

Economy: All hands on deck

I HONESTLY believe things will get better in Nigeria soon. I don’t think it will get worse than this,” stated Grace as the commuter bus ascended the Third Mainland bridge on its way to Obalende.

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Hmmm, something has got to give

‘’Hmm! We can’t continue like this in this country oo. Something has got to give,” said Carol, a commuter in the CMS-bound bus as a lady complained about how much she spent on just bread for breakfast. “My problem with us as a people is that we are too docile. We can complain from now till eternity, yet refuse to do anything to change the situation. We will rather keep adjusting and readjusting like the toad placed in a pot on fire with water. As the temperature of the water rose, the toad kept adjusting its own temperature to suit the surrounding temperature until it died,” said Comfort.

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Hunger in the land

“I swear wahala dey. No money, no food, no light, no water,” lamented Julie, a passenger in the CMS-bound commuter vehicle. “A derica cup of rice is now N250 up from N150; small paint bucket of garri is N650, tomato nko? No go area. God please we need your intervention before we perish oo.”

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