By Ebele Orakpo

I HONESTLY believe things will get better in Nigeria soon. I don’t think it will get worse than this,” stated Grace as the commuter bus ascended the Third Mainland bridge on its way to Obalende.

Hmmm! Call me a pessimist but with the crop of people at the helm of affairs right now, I don’t see us getting out of the doldrums any time soon. What plans do they have to get us out of this mess or is it mere wishful thinking or voodoo economics?” asked Fred.

“We should have faith in God and pray fervently for our leaders,” said Jide.

Replied Mary: “That is where we miss it! God has played His part and now it is our turn to play ours and we are asking God to do it for us. Haba! Which kain laziness be that?”

I tire for Nigerians oo. They forget that faith without works is dead. We pray and then fold our hands and wait for manna to fall from heaven. It doesn’t work that way. As we pray, God directs us and we plan and work and things begin to work out. Don’t let us get the whole faith thing twisted,” counselled Joe.

Good advice! Someone once said that the Devil will deny so many people on judgement day. People commit atrocities and blame it on the Devil. On that day, as you just open your mouth to say the Devil made me do this or that; he will appear right beside you and ask you ‘when, how, where, why and what was I putting on the day I purportedly deceived you?” said Mary. At this everyone burst out laughing.

Said Grace: “I still believe we will emerge stronger and better. The process of change is not sweet but in the end, we will rejoice so let us support the government to take us to the promised land.”

 “No wahala. But are our leaders ready to change their ways? It is still the same story. They want me to change but they are not ready to change at all. I remember during IBB’s Structural Adjustment Programme, the masses were constantly told to be patient, that things will soon be better. A man said he had been adjusting his belt and at that point, he was at the last hole, so no space for adjustment again. The next thing would be a revolt by the masses,” said Fred.

No mind them. President Buhari is telling me that change begins with me. Was that their promise during campaigns? Now, while they are unable to deliver and people are ready to stone them, they came with another slogan. Abeg, make the change begin with them and the masses will follow in their steps. They are living like kings, sending their children abroad to expensive schools, riding the best automobiles, earning huge salaries/allowances, estacodes, etc and asking me to change? The lawmakers and their thousands of aides…so what are we talking about? I de vex oo,” said Joe.

“They better do whatever they want to do fast! We are tired of stories. Entrepreneurs cannot access dollars but anointed individuals do. I hear one Emir needed some dollars to go for hajj and it was delivered to him at home without hassles,” said Mary.

“No complaints please; we voted for change and we should enjoy it. Pretty soon, a bag of rice will get to N35,000. The worst is that you cannot even complain or protest openly now or you will be tagged a security risk,” stated Fred.


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