By Ebele Orakpo

‘N a wah for APC oo! Haba! How can they tell us that President Buhari has done so well in his first month in office when even the blind can clearly see that the man has done nothing? Who are they fooling?” asked Clara, a commuter in the Tin-Can Island-bound bus as a commentator on a radio programme pointed out what the party had said.

Buhari bokoNo mind them. They think they are still in the opposition. They have the power now, we want to see their campaign promises being fulfilled,” said Rita. “Please cut the man some slack. To be honest, President Buhari has tried considering the rot he met on ground,” said Ade. “Oh really? Tried you say? In real life or in your dreams? All I have seen in the past 30 days are complaints, rash decisions which the media persons are left to deny. It’s been a one man show.

First, he visited Chad and Niger on Boko Haram issue, the same thing GEJ was heavily criticized for doing. In fact, I remember Buhari was quoted as saying it was a shame that Nigeria should go to Chad for help.

Two, he decided that military check points must go and the soldiers go back to the barracks. This led to outcry by some Nigerians and he capitulated. Commonsense should tell him and his handlers that this is not the right time except he wants Boko guys to have free access into wherever they want to go.

Three, his ADC expelled DSS guys from inner Aso Rock. This was promptly denied but later, we learnt it was true. Four, he decided to site an aerodrome in Daura for his personal use with public funds. He said he won’t announce ministers until September, Boko Haram prisoners were transferred to Anambra State after the initial denials by both APC leader in the state and Nigerian Prisons officials.

The Presidency kept mute but we have since discovered it was true. Lastly, protests rocked Akwa Ibom State over the FG’s decision to site a nuclear power plant in the state. We don enter one chance for sure,” said Mercy. “You don finish your epistle? PMB has a right to choose those he wants around him, so chasing out DSS is in order. Soldiers at the checkpoints are taking bribes and that’s why he wants them out.

As for Boko guys in Anambra, the prison is a federal establishment so the FG has the right to put them there, same goes for the nuclear power plant,” said Clement. “Can you hear yourself? If soldiers leave the roads, the terrorists will have free access to wherever they need to bomb. Taking terrorists to an unsecured prison to mix up with ordinary criminals and siting a deadly nuclear plant in a densely populated state is right?” asked Rita.

I wonder oo! Even Al Qaeda terrorists were put in a special prison in Guantanamo Bay and not in regular prisons. They have an ulterior motive because the way it goes, before you say Jack Robinson, their Boko brothers will storm the prison to release them in a jailbreak and the terrorists will enter towns and continue what they do best. I pity PMB because he will now have more problems in his hands. Developed nations have not been able to handle nuclear plants and we want to build one here? That is suicidal,” said Mercy.

Said John: “Imagine Kano State declaring Sunday morning as environmental sanitation day too, so no Christians in Kano? I even read on social media that PMB paid an American outfit $10 million to build and manage eight social media sites.” “It cannot be true,” replied Ade. Asked Clara: “What of the $21 billion he gave out for war against BH? I heard the countries were supposed to contribute to the purse but PMB decided to bear the burden alone while telling us he met empty treasury.”

“Abeg, forget all that. Someone even said since May 29, BH has increased their attacks and kidnapping has increased in the North. The truth is that APC had one mission, which was to bring down GEJ. Now, they have succeeded, they don’t know how to handle the power. They are indeed strange bed fellows.

The problem is that while they exchange blows and jump fences, the country suffers. PMB is waiting to get perfect people to get into his cabinet. He will indeed wait forever. Imagine, instead of going to represent us at world boxing championships and high jump, they are here wasting their talents,” said Clara.

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