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Buhari: From America with what?

“It’s all about diplomacy. These are the days of walking on eggs. Even President Obama is walking on eggs too. An American journalist recently lashed out at him for describing the incident in which four US marines were shot dead in Chattanooga, US by a suspected terrorist as a ‘workplace violence’ just to sound politically correct, instead of calling it what it is, a terrorist attack on US soil and military centres. So PMB should try to be politically correct at times,” said Ken.

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Buhari, Osinbajo, way to go!

This is the way to go! Buhari has indeed shown leadership by example. To cut his salary by half no be small thing oo!” commented Henry in the Obalende-bound commuter bus. “Yes, I hope others will follow suit. I praise him for his courage and kindness. It’s his love for Nigerians that must have made him do that,” said Taiwo.

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Buhari: So far, so …

“No mind them. They think they are still in the opposition. They have the power now, we want to see their campaign promises being fulfilled,” said Rita. “Please cut the man some slack. To be honest, President Buhari has tried considering the rot he met on ground,” said Ade. “Oh really? Tried you say? In real life or in your dreams? All I have seen in the past 30 days are complaints, rash decisions which the media persons are left to deny. It’s been a one man show.

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