By Ebele Orakpo


This is the way to go! Buhari has indeed shown leadership by example. To cut his salary by half no be small thing oo!” commented Henry in the Obalende-bound commuter bus. “Yes, I hope others will follow suit. I praise him for his courage and kindness. It’s his love for Nigerians that must have made him do that,” said Taiwo.

“Story, story, story! Abegi, make we hear word jare. Why they no slash their allowances? The allowances are more than the salary so if they are serious, they should cut the allowances,” said Steve.

Bad belle. If someone does well, praise him and if he does badly, rebuke him; that is the way it should be. Don’t just condemn everything someone does simply because you hate him. If all our political office holders will slash their salaries, even by 20 per cent, it will go a long way. I am sure 50 per cent of the President’s salary can pay the salaries of at least 12 junior staff ,” said Funmi.

“If you ask me, I think it will make more sense if they keep their full salaries and scrap the allowances,” said Abe. “You are in the spirit. Exactly my point! I agree they have done well but that is not enough,” said Steve.

“You guys are impossible. The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step so President Buhari has done great. At least, he is better than his predecessors in that aspect,” stated Henry. “No matter what anyone may say, the fact remains that Buhari is a man of God,” said Abe.

Which one you dey sef? In one breath, you are anti-Buhari and in another breath, you are pro-Buhari. What makes him a man of God?” asked Joe.

Abeg, allow me to land. It is only a man of God that can bring out billions of naira out of a near- empty treasury,” said Abe. At this point, everyone burst out laughing. “You are not serious,” said Joe.

“The man should stop distracting us with all these. First we were told he rejected bullet-proof cars; now, he slashed his salary by half. Meanwhile, security situation is worsening and we need to see things working. He should appoint ministers joo and let them do their jobs,” counseled Steve.

“What exactly will the ministers do? To come and steal? I think the permanent secretaries are equal to the task,” said

Aha, my own be say members of the National Assembly should slash their own salaries or scrap their allowances including the constituency allowances and the governors should give up their security votes. After all, they secure nothing with the security votes and most of the senators do nothing for their constituencies with the constituency allowances,” said Taiwo.



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