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Cossy Ojiakor will go to heaven while many roast in hell – Uju Edochie

Cossy Ojiakor means many things to many people even though many of those things are deemed unsavoury. She’s a walking sensation on two legs because wherever she goes eyes follow her. While the men gape in wonderment at the craftsmanship of her sprawling bosom by God the women drool in envy for all the attention going her way. To so many she’s a symbol of wantonness, a perversion of sexuality and a sin to be courted from afar rather than close for fear of losing your soul.

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Actress, Dorothy Njemanze defends married woman who came to Burna Boy’s concert with another man

Nollywood actress, Dorothy Njemanze who once won a lawsuit against the Federal Government for labeling her a prostitute has come in defence of a married woman who came to Burna Boy’s December 26th concert with another man at Eko Hotel and Suites, Victoria Island, saying married women are human and need space  too to enjoy their freedom.

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