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I will rather be babymama than live with heartbreak — Sylvia Ukaatu

ighly talented  and sexy actress, Sylvia Ukaatu doesn’t mince words when it comes to speaking her mind. The actress who once told Potpourri that she could go nude on set for just reasons, blames men for their dishonest in relationships, saying they hardly keep their promises.

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I want to live under same roof with father of my children — Bukola Ogundare

Sultry Yoruba actress, Bukola Ogundare cut her teeth for stellar role interpretation when she featured in her first film Kamadupe in 2011, and built up her profile with the production of her own film, “Ife Okan” which conveniently put her on the fast lane of fame in the industry.  For her,  being a babymama is not in her diary and says she cannot even contemplate it.

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Captivating moments of Nollywood epic queens

Just like music which has many genres, movies too have their own Just like music which has many genres, movies too have their own  genres. For anyone who loves Nollywood movies, epic Nollywood  movies must be something they are familiar with. Epic films usually have a sort of traditional theme, oftentimes, with historical background, accompanied by outlandish costumes and probably with unique language shot in an ancient-looking locations.For Nollywood divas, playing a role in an epic film or taking up the ‘village girl’ role, as some people call it, is everything but ancient, there is always glamour and style and even swag to nail the character.So, for another Popeye edition, we bring to you captivating moments of Nollywood epic queens.  

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Actress Ifemelu Dike dares IPOB, begs Anambrarians to vote in election

With the order of the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, that the people of Anambra State should boycott the next election coming up in the state in November still hanging in the air and with so much confusion in the land, Nollywood actress, Ifemelu Dike has shown the activist part of her person by publicly appealing to the people to shun the order and come out to vote.

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