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November 24, 2018

My take on single girls dating married men – Dayo Amusa

My take on single girls dating married men – Dayo Amusa

•Dayo Amusa

Having wrapped up production of her third cinema movie ‘That Which Binds Us’, popular Yoruba actress, Dayo Amusa speaks to Potpourri about her role in Adebayo Salami/StarTimes new Yoruba series ‘Alagbara’ airing on StarTimes soon. Hear her:

•Dayo Amusa


Can you tell us your experience on set during the production of Alagbara?

This is not the first project I would be working  with Mr Adebayo. When I saw the script I was amazed. I see myself as someone that goes really deep when it comes to stories that have to do with things happening around us, stories, that we can relate with on daily basis. So, it was a beautiful one. You can agree with me that my daddy ( Mr Adebayo Salami) has been there for years and doing wonderfully well in the system, so, when I was summoned to come for the project, I was like “Ope o (thank God)”

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It was a beautiful experience as I have already worked with majority of the cast in other movies, including the crew, so it was so easy to flow on the set. A lot of planning has been put in place even before production and you can agree with me that if you fail to plan, you will plan to fail, so we thank God for the time spent and the beautiful moment for not having set back in any way.

In the cost of producing this movie “Alagbara”, has Oga Bello done any thing to provoke you in anyway?

No, I am the one who would say I have done one or two things on set because I play a lot. Mr Adebayo is a very disciplined person, sometimes, I would over play and he would call me to order.

What character did you play in the movie “Alagbara”

Based on the script I was the one  “Alagbara”, a calm but powerful woman in the movie. You can imagine how I could influence a custom officer, the boss himself, a well disciplined, married man.  Imagine how a young lady who isn’t married could control such a great custom officer. This movie is what women need to see, and men too. Most men, no matter how powerful they are, are susceptible to control by women without them even having an inkling of it. When it comes to women, even well disciplined men fall victims and wouldn’t know what to do. He might find himself saying ‘yes’ many times thinking he’s saying ‘no’.

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What new thing about you, you are bringing into the movie?

I think my role interpretation is unique; the director has a way of bringing the best out of me. I took the role of a calm lady who knows how to twist things and get what she wants. I don’t think I have done something as calm and devious as that before, which makes it unique. So, it’s another side of me that people should really look out for.

We read on social media about ladies having numerous boyfriends, as a role model and a female, what can you say about this?

Social media is a platform that should encourage and give opportunities to people out there which I think a lot of people are misusing. In my own take, I don’t think having numerous boyfriends gives you the privilege of having a perfect guy, because it will cause confusion at some point. These guys are unique in different ways, they have their weaknesses and strengths, so it might be confusing making a choice from the numerous guys you have.

Ladies feel it pays to date a married man than single guys, what do you say about that?

Well, ladies might feel that married men take care of them, anyway, this might be because the married men have so much money to give out, but as a public figure I would not encourage a young girl to go after married men because these men have families. They only use the money to entice the young ones, so, I won’t encourage the young ladies to go after them.

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Is it true that most actresses live fake lives?

I don’t see any big deal about any actress going on social media and living a particular life because it is called ‘Show biz’, you have to show for your biz to grow. We artistes, live in ‘make-belief’ world, which means 80% of things you see about us are make-belief. It is what they want you to believe, that you actually see.

I might choose a particular lifestyle in my closet and I might not want to live the same life on social media because I wouldn’t want to disappoint my fans who believe in me and expect so much from me. So, when we make you believe so many things, it doesn’t mean we are fake, we are only presenting what you want to see.