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I have been to hell and back – Chinedu Bernards

Nollywood like Hollywood is a land of dreams. While some dreams come true, others don’t. This is a lesson many girls wanting to be a star in the make-believe world have had to learn the hard way. It is a widely held belief that less than a quarter of girls wanting to be actresses actually make it to the front of cameras, talk less of getting a script or having a scene to their credit. Sexual abuse, nepotism, tribal prejudice and others have made many quit their dreams of hitting stardom.

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Women are more loyal in romantic relationships than men – Uche Elendu

It’s a known fact that unfaithfulness is the bane of most marriages and relationships, however arguments abound as to who cheats more – the man or the woman? For Nollywood actress and mother of two, Uche Elendu, there’s no doubt in her mind that women tend to be more loyal in marriages and relationships than men, hinging her argument on the genes of both sexes.

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