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November 10, 2018

What annoys me about being a woman – Dayo Amusa

What annoys me about being a woman  – Dayo Amusa



A-list Yoruba actress and producer, Dayo Amusa, has expressed her displeasure with the way people see the world as belonging to men. In an Instagram post, the actress who just released her third cinema movie ‘That Which Binds Us’ vented her frustration on why women don’t get as much opportunities to succeed as men.


“Women have to work much harder to make it in this world. It really pisses me off that women don’t get the same opportunities as men do, or money for that matter. Because let’s face it, money gives men the power to run the show. It gives men the power to define our values and to define what’s sexy and what’s feminine and that’s bullshit.

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At the end of the day, it’s not about equal rights, it’s about how we think. We have to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves,” she said.

Of course, her post drew many comments from many of her followers. One Babajide gave her a shot of reality check by impressing on her that it was the way the world was made and nothing she could do about it.

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“You just wrote about the obvious reality of the gender equilibrium that is and will always be, it’s like a pendulum, it will always swing towards men no matter how women try to make it swing their way. It’s not our making but nature or religiously, God. It’s like as much as humanity has tried to alter so many natural phenomena, they always come close but can never achieve it. Just continue being the best woman you can be,” she wrote.

The delectable filmmaker and singer, has just propped  up her credential as one of the box office queens of Nollywood as she hit the cinemas with her third cinema movie ‘That Which Binds Us,’ a film, which parades a stellar cast of Desmond Eliot, Uche Jombo, Mercy Aigbe, Toyin Alausa, among others.