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Our elections, still a façade

A woman votes and gets N5,000. There is no greater campaign than that. She will be the one to pull out every member of the community to come out and receive the wonders! Who will stop it – the police, SSS and other law enforcers, who had been settled the previous night?

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Boko Haram + Cultism + Herdsmen = Black Yuletide

THE last yuletide came with horrendous killings and attacks across the country. The Fulani herdsmen wrote the preamble and also provided the footnotes. Between both extremes, the Boko Haram, as expected, made bold appearances while cultism was readily available to spice it all. Lest we forget, fuel scarcity contributed its quota bountifully. All these added up to what we had – a black yuletide!

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