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Half a budget is worse than no budget

All one can now ask for is a budget cycle with some semblance to the illiterate farmer’s farming circle – in which Appropriation Bills shall be presented to the NASS not later than the end of August every year

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Still on restructuring Nigeria

THERE are critical segments of our    society that have not been properly assimilated in the scheme of things; hence we have suggested consistently in this Column that there is the crying need to return to a modified Regional System of Government. We have advocated the restructuring of the country into eight Regions under which the Middle Belt minorities of the old North; the Mid-Western minorities of the old West; and the Calabar Ogoja Rivers, COR, State Movement of the old East will be properly assimilated, once and for all. For too long, these minorities have been agitating for their own separate Regions.

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Suspension virus: A forcible rape on Democracy (1)

UNARGUABLY, members of even the best-run organisations cannot always escape moments of profound crises, when they must break faith either with the team or with themselves. These crises occur when the leadership of the group suddenly – or gradually – embarks on a source of action that is incompatible with members’ private ethical standards or judgments.

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