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Vote-Buying taken to the limits

WE are almost impelled to start today’s piece on the hypothesis that money is the sole determinant of electoral outcomes in Nigeria. In every election, the two major political parties spend big and win big while the small parties spend virtually nothing and win virtually nothing.

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Model colleges entrance exams'll be CBT from 2021— Lagos Commissioner

JAMB’s N15.6 billion profit after tax

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, was established in 1978 with the mandate of ensuring a uniform standard and the conduct of matriculation examination and placement of suitable candidates into the nation’s universities. The enabling law has since been amended to include all tertiary institutions in the country.

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The killing fields of Nigeria

The powers in the hands of a Nigerian President are enormous; and indeed, awesome. The President possesses the power of life and death over his fellow humans. In a simple exercise of the prerogative of mercy as stipulated in Section 175 of the Nigerian Constitution, 1999, he can bring back to unfettered freedom, a man who was already destined for the gallows.

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