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‘Birther’ Trump bites Cruz

NEARLY four years ago when Donald Trump led a bitter “birther” campaign against Barack Obama who was then running for a second term of office, Republicans were his willing cheerleaders. Then, Trump tried to use the issue to launch his presidential campaign. The loquacious billionaire was all over the place, questioning Obama’s real place of birth, and coming up with bizarre theories about the president being of Kenyan origin. Trump even went as far as claiming that the birth certificate Obama put out online was fake. He promised Americans that he had set up a sort of hit-squad to produce Obama’s real birth certificate that will show that he was born in Kenya, a factor that will disqualify him from running for office.

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New Year in Fort Wayne

MY family journeyed some 390 miles (about 630 kilometres) in roughly six hours to visit with and welcome 2016 in the company of my long-time friend, Tony Aduro, and his wonderful family in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Tony and I go way back to our days in Nairobi, Kenya, in the 1990s when we served as officers in the Association of Nigerians in Kenya. Fate brought us back together in the United States and we have kept in touch.

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When democracy becomes an embarrassment

LIKE everything in life, democracy has its downside, good and cherished as it produces the process that plays the midwife to a government that represents the will of the electorate. I stress the notion of process, for we oftentimes dwell on the outcome (the President, Senator, member of the House of Representatives, Mayor, etc.), not paying adequate attention to the fact that what matters in “democracy” in these examples is actually the process that confers some legitimacy on them as symbols and occupants of power and authority.

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Death, protests in the windy city

By Uche Onyebadi Chicago is an alluring, windy city. But it was a violent wind of sadness, fury and protests that virtually paralyzed the city last week. Protesters, most of whom were African Americans filled the city, angry at what they considered to be another layer in the constantly mushrooming evidence of police brutality against
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As Pope Francis visits the US

IT is an unwritten expectation that whoever becomes pope includes the U.S. in his foreign trips early in his papacy. Pope Francis, the Argentine native, will uphold that tradition when he lands in the U.S. today. While here, he will address the United Nations General Assembly and a joint session of the United States Congress, and make other visits to Catholic schools in New York and attend public functions in Philadelphia.

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