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Still on Osaze, Ike Uche

The situation in Eagles is similar to the current one in our track and field where Nigeria has become a one-athlete nation. Blessing Okagbare is the only world class athlete Nigeria has and the whole country, for now, banks on her for medals from the Olympics to the World Championships. Our hopes crash if she falls sick or fails in any of these events.

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The baby doom

A few weeks ago, yet another illegal baby-making factory was discovered in Akute, Ogun State. Eight pregnant girls, among them three under-aged girls, were found. What started as a hush-hush affair has become a monumental national embarrassment and huge moral burden.

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Who were Sanusi’s supervisors?

WE have already embarked on a gradual descent to anomie. Some day soon, when we arrive at destination, we shall have no difficulty in recognising it. The early signs are very clear: we now have a country where evil is constantly celebrated and where people get away with murder in the manner of providing comic relief. We just laugh and get entertained.

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Making APC a credible option

AS we count down to the May 24 first national convention of the All Progressives Congress, APC, the Party should explain itself more to the Nigerian electorate. The recently published manifesto of the APC has not managed to project the Party as a credible alternative to the ruling Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

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The surprising merger of the PDP and the APC

THE sudden decision to merge the PDP and the APC has caught everyone by surprise. When the announcement first came up last night, I thought it was a big joke. But then I saw it on BBC and CNN and quickly had a rethink. When I also heard it announced by Reuters, I concluded that what we are experiencing in Nigeria is nothing short of a miracle. Just when you think they are going to drag the country into the ditch, Nigerian politicians pull back from the brink and come up with the most unexpected solutions.

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Yahya Jammeh: Lessons in Pan-Africanism

AT the infamous Nigerian centenary celebration in the nation’s capital, the now famous speech of the Gambian President Yahya Jammeh, stole the show at the International Conference Centre, ICC), Abuja, venue of the Centenary lecture. Mostly, the value of the speech was in its condemnation of the senseless killings of Nigerian citizens in northern Nigeria.

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