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Time for hard measures to end killings

MANY times on this page, I had decried the incessant killings prevalent in many parts of the North. In the past few days, Jos and Kaduna have flared up in the same persistent manner and around the same axes. In a piece I ran on this page on  July 10, 2018, titled  Getting peace back to Jos, I referred to the sense of dread and foreboding that normally engulfed me whenever I have to traverse Jos in the last many years, particularly from Riyom side.

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Matters miscellaneous (I)

NOT  all ‘change’ is in the direction of ‘growth’. Or so say development economists. Because some changes are actually in the direction of rot. When things decay they change in the negative direction. Because ‘matter’ is always either in a state of growth, of decay, or of inertia. And so too, not all ‘movement’ is necessarily going forward. Because often some movements occur backward in the reverse of the distance already covered. This is without prejudice to the fact that sometimes it makes perfect sense to ‘move back’ first in order to effectively ‘move forward’. Because often it has to get damn bad before it can get better.

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Buhari’s school certificate saga

AS the 2019 elections  hot up , Nigerians are once again clamoring for President Muhammadu Buhari to produce evidence that he attended secondary school up to school certificate level. This is not just an idle but a constitutional demand that requires contestants for the office of president to be secondary school graduates at the very least. Mr. Buhari, as Nigerians well know, has not been able to produce this evidence. His explanation is and has been that the original copies of his school certificate are with the Board of the Nigerian Army where he submitted them at the point of enlistment in the military.

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How do we sustain improvements in the ease of doing business ranking?

MY personal passion is to play a role in Nigeria’s ascendancy from a third world country to a first world nation. This passion has been the driver in most of the things that I do. My active roles in the Nigerian Economic Summit group, NESG, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, MAN, Nigeria Employers Consultative Association, NECA, Business Leaders’Forum, BLF, etc have been driven by this passion.

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Time for FG to re-establish Education Bank to boost education among youths (1)

Inadequate funding of “education and youth unemployment” are two issues which continue to attract public discourse in Nigeria. Over the years, government funding to education has decreased leading to various crisis within the educational sector. Strikes, dilapidation of structures, massive exodus of qualified personnel to foreign universities, otherwise known as brain drain are some of the ills with which Nigerian tertiary institutions are identified. Closely related to the downturn in the fortunes of the educational institutions is the rising youth unemployment. Many graduates lack the proper or adequate education to make them employable even within the country.

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Governing by Decree

BETWEEN July and this month President Muhammadu issued two decrees aimed at further curbing corruption, money laundering and tax evasion: the first, Executive Order 6, and the other, Executive Order 008. An executive order is a decree issued by the executive without necessarily seeking approval of parliament or the judicature. Most constitutions do empower the executive to take all such measures as would conduce to sound government and public administration in the interest of the overall common good. Donald Trump probably set a world record by the number of executive orders that he dished out during his first week in power. The current incumbent of the high magistracy of the American republic has issued no less than 42 Executive Orders in his first year alone. 

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Allison Ayida

Allison Akene Ayida’s story

CHIEF Allison Akene Ayida was born on June 16, 1930. He attended King’s College, Lagos, 1952, Queen’s College, University of Oxford, England, 1956, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of London, England, 1957; assistant secretary, Federal Ministry of Finance, 1971-1975, chairman, UN Commission for Africa, secretary  to the Government of the Federation and Head of Civil Service, 1975-1977. He died on October 12, 2018.

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A country that exports jobs, imports poverty

THIS period has been a sobering one for me even as the country appears gripped in the excitement of politicking leading  to the general elections next February. I am not excited about whether incumbent President Muhammadu Buhari will be returned or be  flushed out of office. I am more preoccupied by the unquantifiable damage our leaders have inflicted on us especially since the 1980s by their incomprehensible, illogical, slavish and criminal de-industrialisation of the country and the attendant massive job losses that has turned our once promising country into the world’s capital of poverty.

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