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Nigeria’s healthcare: Both the poor and the rich cry

I believe that I am not alone in feeling distressed about the situation of healthcare in Nigeria. Everywhere you look, the   problems stare you in the face. In the public health care space, you face poor infrastructure, old or inoperative equipment and generally poor attitude. Even skill and competency levels are often suspect. If you have taken a seriously ill patient to our public health facilities – be they primary, secondary or tertiary institutions, you will have known that many more people are healed by faith in Nigeria than by medical care.

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What is Nigeria’s foreign policy?

Macron, May, Merkel: three heads of powerful Western states visited Nigeria in rapid succession and one marvels at the fact that no real summary of what Nigeria benefits from these diplomatic dialogues seems to exist. If it does, it’s neither extensively discussed nor debated. In other climes, foreign policy can either bring down a government or propel it to electoral victory: the consequences of the Iraq war, its perception as a failure by most Americans in part enabled Barack Obama’s victory.

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The cabal rises again

THERE have in recent days been quiet talks that the Acting Director of the Department of State Services, DSS, Matthew Seiyefa, may be pushed out of office in a move to either pave way for the return of the immediate past director of the organisation, Lawal Daura, or some other individual who might be more pliant to the surreptitious activities of some close associates of President Muhammadu Buhari.

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