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Country first

FOR almost one week now Americans have been mourning the passing as well as celebrating the life and legacy of one man they believe epitomises the idea that the goal of every citizen, much more a political leader, is to put service to the country first and above any other consideration. Senator John Mccain who died last weekend of brain cancer at the age of 81 is for many Americans that symbol of a leader as a servant of the people.

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Why Nigeria’s economic recovery is slowing down

Ordinarily there should be so much going for Nigeria’s economy. Production of crude oil at about 2 million barrels per day at a good price of about 70 dollars per barrel is yielding good foreign exchange for the Nation, helping to boost foreign reserves which today stand at about 47.25 Billion dollars. Inflation has continued to decline steadily over several months coming to the current level of 11.4% as the CBN and its MPC retain monetary policy index at a tight stance.

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Awo forever

I AM an Awoist — but an Awoist without illusions. I first met my hero when I was an undergraduate at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria in the seventies. He was Chancellor of the University. I recall an address he once gave to the university community. His delivery was magisterial. He spoke calmly but with power; radiating uncommon gravitas. I was in awe.

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Shehu Musa on code of conduct for political parties

ON November 19 this year, it will be 10years that the Makama Bida, Alhaji Shehu Ahmadu Musa, CFR, (1935-2008) passed on . He worked almost his entire life in the public service culminating in his appointment as the Secretary to the Government of the Federation by President Shehu Shagari in 1979. His last appointment was as INEC Commissioner. He was a quintessential public servant.

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ExxonMobil shows outright contempt for Nigeria’s Supreme court

IF you were to visit the Lagos headquarters of ExxonMobil (Nigeria) in Victoria Island, Lagos today, you would immediately notice that something strange is going on. You will find a number of people camped outside the building; sometimes chanting, sometimes dancing, sometimes shouting slogans. They are there 24/7; day and night. Surely, this is anomalous to the activities of an international oil company.

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