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Totally Real with Ikechukwu Amaechi

COVID-19: When men of power eat the humble pie

United slashes New York-area flights due to coronavirus

By Ikechukwu Amaechi The Latin phrase, annus horribilis (horrible year), which according to Wikipedia, the free online encyclopaedia, was used in 1891 in an Anglican Church publication to describe 1870, the year in which the Catholic Church defined the dogma of papal infallibility, was brought to modern prominence by the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.
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Again, gunmen attack Delta community, Kill husband, abduct wife, injure daughter

Yes, my 79-year-old mother was kidnapped

THE question I have been asked repeatedly since my mother, Ezinne Apollonia Amaechi, was abducted by three gunmen right inside her living room in my village on Tuesday, March 3, was if we paid ransom to secure her freedom. And my answer is yes, we paid because other than the grace of God which sustained her in captivity, payment of ransom was the only guarantee we had to ever see her alive again.

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UBEC, Ihedioha, herdsmen

As Ihedioha exorcises corruption spectre in Imo

SEVEN months ago, Imo State was the butt of all national jokes. Introduce yourself as an Imolite at any gathering and people would chuckle, borne out of pity. Today, a lot has changed. The Eastern Heartland is regaining its pride of place in the comity of Nigerian states. Ennobling stories are coming out of Imo, one good news after another, and Ndi-Imo are walking on the moon, literally. What a difference good and purpose-driven leadership makes.

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Nigeria and new economic status in Africa

Nigeria and Awolowo’s 33-year prescient prediction

SHORTLY after overthrowing Muhammadu Buhari’s military junta on August 27, 1985, Ibrahim Babangida set up what he called the Nigerian Political Bureau. The 17-member panel inaugurated on January 13, 1986, with Samuel Cookey, a professor of political science, as chairman was charged with the responsibility of refocusing Nigeria’s political trajectory by chiseling out a new socio-political order. 

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