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State of the Nation with Olu Fasan

Beyond #EndSARS: End the systemic inhumanity of the Nigerian state

By Olu Fasan The widely acclaimed #EndSARS protests, led by Nigerian youths, shocked the country, and caught the world’s attention. The protests were triggered by a viral video allegedly showing an officer of the notorious Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS, killing a man in Delta State. The #EndSARS demonstrations mirrored the #BlackLivesMatter protests, which also started
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Buhari’s vacuous Independence Day speech: A missed opportunity

By Olu Fasan President Muhammadu Buhari’s speech on Nigeria’s 60th independence anniversary two weeks ago was striking for its utter vacuity. The speech was full of sanctimonious preachiness and platitudes but totally bereft of substance. For such an “epochal event”, it was a missed opportunity! The recurring theme was “togetherness”, which chimed with the slogan
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Self-determination: Nigeria can only be kept together by agreement

By Olu Fasan Last week, government rolled out the drums to celebrate Nigeria’s 60th Independence Day. But across the South, separatist groupswere beatingthe drumsof secession. In the South West, Yoruba One Voice, YOV, a group calling for “Oduduwa Republic”, held rallies across Yorubaland and hoisted a flag of the “republic” in some towns. In the
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Buhari’s orders to the central bank are harming its credibility

By Olu Fasan RECENTLY, after reading, for the umpteenth time, about President Muhammadu Buhari’s “orders” to the Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, I tweeted: “All this @MBuhari ‘asks’, ‘orders’, ‘directs’, ‘instructs’ the @cenbank to do this or that is doing enormous damage to the credibility of #Nigeria’s central bank.” Hundreds of people liked and retweeted
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