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Balanced or lopsided? The truth about Buhari’s appointments

PRP, Buhari Adesina

By Olu Fasan RIGHT from the inception of his administration in 2015, President Muhammadu Buhari has been dogged by accusations of sectionalism in his appointments. Recently, prominent Southern leaders went to the Abuja Federal High Court to seek a declaration that his appointments were “ethnically discriminatory and lopsided”, in breach of the Federal Character and,
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We'll stop illegal appointments by Chief Executives — FCC Commissioner

Beyond Oronsaye report: Buhari pays lip service to cost of governance

By Olu Fasan LAST month, on May 1, President Muhammadu Buhari ordered the implementation of the Oronsaye Report on the rationalisation of federal parastatals and agencies six years after it was submitted to his predecessor, President Goodluck Jonathan. Recently, in his Democracy Day speech, President Buhari said he approved the implementation of the report because
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AfDB: IndustriALL Global Union urges AU to rally round Adesina

AfDB: Adesina’s travails betray naivety in the world of realpolitik

By Olu Fasan IN 2015, when Akinwumi Adesina ran for the presidency of the African Development Bank, AfDB, I wrote a piece in my Businessday column entitled “AfDB presidency: Adesina, best candidate for the job” (BusinessDay, May 4, 2015). Apart from the national prestige in a Nigerian heading an international economic institution, I believed Adesina
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We'll stop illegal appointments by Chief Executives — FCC Commissioner

Five years of elusive ‘change’, Buhari’s self-congratulation grates

By Olu Fasan LAST week, having self-assessed his five years in power, President Muhammadu Buhari adjudged himself a success. In a 26-page self-assessment report, tagged “Buhari Administration Fifth Anniversary Factsheet”, the presidency said the Buhari administration “has made salutary impact in almost all the facets of Nigerian life”. Basking in the self-congratulatory mood, Lai Mohammed,
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Gambari: How not to love Nigeria

Gambari is a world-renown technocrat, but what are his values?

By Olu Fasan THE appointment of Professor Ibrahim Agboola Gambari as his new chief of staff is President Muhammadu Buhari’s only high-profile and undisputedly meritocratic political appointment since he assumed office in 2015. Over the past five years, President Buhari has run a mediocre and lacklustre government, with uninspiring cabinets, consisting of ministerial poodles who
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COVID-19: Nigeria is institutionally weak to tackle major emergencies

By Olu Fasan A FEW years ago, some foreign security experts visited Nigeria to study its crisis management system with a view to offering advice and support. What they found shocked them. Nigeria’s standards, they said, were below what they had feared. The country’s technical ability to handle crisis was very low. There was little day-to-day
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