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State of the Nation with Olu Fasan

COVID-19 calls for visible national leadership: Buhari fails the test

Presidency, Wole Soyinka, COVID-19, Buhari, APC, PDP

By Olu Fasan COMETH the hour, cometh the man! Well, in Nigeria, the hour has come, but not the man. All over the world, the coronavirus or COVID-19 pandemic is demanding visible national leadership, requiring leaders to engage openly with their citizens. As someone said: “Faced with the global pandemic, people are looking to their
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Amotekun: Well done Yoruba for nudging Nigeria towards true federalism

THE Yoruba are quintessential federalists. They are the Californians or Texans of Nigeria. California and Texas are powerful American states that have positioned themselves as bulwarks against the erosion of federalism in the US. For instance, Texas sued the Obama administration 48 times and, so far, California has sued the Trump administration 32 times. Both have won several legal battles to safeguard the federalist principles. The Yoruba are doing something similar in Nigeria: fighting to move this country towards true federalism.

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