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Atiku Abubakar’s looming shadow

AS we begin the homerun to 2019, many politicians are understandably hungry to be the next president of Nigeria. Only one appears to be doing so in a bold and emphatic manner: Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, a former two-term Vice President of Nigeria and (putatively) a member of the ruling All Progressives Alliance, APC. I choose my words carefully because you and I know Atiku’s penchant to jump from one political party to another. Since he started running for president in 1993, he has never run on the same party platform twice. It is unlikely he will consummate his next presidential run in the APC if ailing President Muhammadu Buhari runs for a second term.

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Still on restructuring Nigeria

THERE are critical segments of our    society that have not been properly assimilated in the scheme of things; hence we have suggested consistently in this Column that there is the crying need to return to a modified Regional System of Government. We have advocated the restructuring of the country into eight Regions under which the Middle Belt minorities of the old North; the Mid-Western minorities of the old West; and the Calabar Ogoja Rivers, COR, State Movement of the old East will be properly assimilated, once and for all. For too long, these minorities have been agitating for their own separate Regions.

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Quit notice commercial enterprises

The “market” of political jobbery is booming in the North so much that more Arewa Youth Forums are breaking out like odious rashes. The other day, another group called Concerned Arewa Youths issued death threat on any Arewa politician or leader who supports restructuring because they will be blocking their own opportunity to “chop”

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