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Why Men are not eager to get Married Today

Recently I came to the conclusion that a lot of our men are no longer eager to get married. I believe they have their reasons and like most of them say, they never have enough money for the wedding day and maybe afterwards.

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Factors that affect your calorie needs (Part1)

Watch out for trans-fat! Several studies show that eating a little of what you love makes you more likely to stick to your diet; just be sure to avoid treats made with TRANS-FAT like meat pie, doughnuts and a whole lot of processed snacks (puff-puff, small chops) – the list goes on. And, what more, avoid those sugar-loaded soft drinks and fruit juices!

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Sexless marriages!

Some time ago, I wanted to make love to my wife and realized that I didn’t have an erection, I almost freaked out. Until now I had heard that it happens to men that are in their forties and above, but I never believed it can happen to me, because I had always thought I was “George of the Jungle”

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Are you still having sex with your spouse

Men and women don’’t know how to please each other very well at all. There simply has been too much focus on intercourse as a way of reaching mutual pleasure. It takes more than 20 minutes, on average, for a woman to become aroused to the point of orgasm. 75% of men don’’t take 2 minutes, and not enough men and women have worked at mastering The Art of a 25-Minute Arousal.

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How do you start all over again?

Some of my clients sit in my counseling office asking “Jerome, how do I start all over again?” I ask them if they are really ready to start all over again, because I know starting all over again may involve starting from scratch, sometimes. And, that’s what a lot of people don’t want to do. They will rather manage with a life of mediocrity, and hope it will still continue to get them some results, no matter how useless the results may be.

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