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To be out of sight is to be out of mind!

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Where have you been? It’s been quite a long time. What do you do now? Are you married? Do you have children of your own? Do you work for someone or you have your own organization where others work for you? Who else among our common friends have you been in touch with since the last time we saw each other?

That’s just some of the questions people ask you when they haven’t seen you for a long time. As you read this, you will agree with me that some people haven’t seen you for 5 years, others for 10, and maybe some others for 20 years. Some looked for you after you left the scene and found you almost immediately, and are still in touch with you. Some right now remember you and are still thinking about you, but have no plans to look for you because they have gone far away. Most people you have met in the past may not think of you, but will remember you when they see you again even if it’s after 20 years from the last time they saw you. One thing you can be sure of in all this is that when you are out of the sight of others, it’s also the surest way to be out of their mind and that can be dangerous especially when you are out of the mind of people you need most in your life.

The people who need you will always ask for you, but the people you need will likely not ask after you, because you are nowhere to be seen, experienced and considered. Those who need you will ask for you from time to time when they see others who attempt to do what you do, but are not as good as you. That’s when you will hear them say “oh my God, this fella reminds me of Jerome so much. He has tried to copy Jerome in every way and even tries to talk like him, but the more he does that, the more he makes us to miss Jerome, because Jerome is a guy who is in a class of his own”. But for all you care, I will rather prefer people to talk about Jerome like that when he is dead and gone, and not when he is still alive. Not when his season is not over, not when he still has so much to offer humanity. But unfortunately, that’s how people talk about some of you reading this now, they talk about you like you are dead and gone when you are still very much here. I know that can change if you want it to, I will be glad to help you change that, but my greatest challenge with you now is making you realize that it’s not enough to be here, but you’ve got to be alive while you are here. You have got to come out of your hiding place. You’ve got to let the Light shine on you again. You got to be the Star you were meant to be despite all the setbacks. I believe it’s time for your comeback. You will be surprised to know that nobody and I mean nobody has been able to take your place since you left. So many have tried to copy your person, but the more they do, the more they make us miss you, and I hope you get that as you read this right now.

Why do People leave the scene?

I believe people leave the scene for lots of reasons, and I guess we can look at 3 here.

GROWTH: People leave the scene because they grow from one level to another. They move from one level of Education to another, hereby changing schools. Others grow out of their previous Accommodation setting because they have grown from been a Single person to being Married, and so they change locations for bigger accommodation that won’t just take Husband and Wife, but children that are expected to start coming too. Some other people change Jobs or are transferred from one branch to the other, or move to an entirely new organization. But whichever it is, people grow from where they use to be to where they now should be.

SETBACK: when we are young, we make lots of plans. We have dreams, we set goals and targets, and at certain times of our lives hope to be here or there at so so and so time of our life. Most of the time, we do not know that life has never happened for anyone on earth just the way he or she perfectly planned it. We do not know that accidents may happen on the way which may either delay our set timeline or get us off the course completely, and because we have not been introduced to the sovereign God yet, the God who rules over everything with nothing ruling over him, we begin to fret, become timid, lose courage to continue as we lose confidence in ourselves, and just give up. And as we do give up on ourselves, we also expect others to give up on us, after all we boasted so much about ourselves in those days, because we didn’t know that the best place to boast was in the Lord Jesus Christ who still remains the finality of every reality. And now that we have boasted in ourselves and things haven’t turned out right the way we planned, we run away from the scene before others find out that things aren’t working for us, not knowing that that is the best way to build our own coffins. A lot of us don’t want others to know we never got married after printing invitation cards and that rascal of a guy we were betrothed to absconded 3 days to the wedding for reasons best know to him till date, so we left the scene. It’s also so easy to leave the scene after a divorce, because the friends we had were common friends with our ex, and instead of being confronted with the fact that we are no longer married to their friend continually or meeting our ex in so many functions around, or because our ex is threatening us, we thought it better to leave the scene. And yet for others it’s because they lost their Jobs and can’t find a better one after so many years, or because they dropped out of school and won’t want others to know they have no certification from college and so left the scene. It is at times like this that you will see extroverts become introverts overnight, and people say “I don’t know what happened to him/her, he/she use to be very lively and outgoing, and then suddenly changed and became so quiet and withdrawn”. Well, those were the days he/she thought so much of himself/herself. Those were the days he thought much of himself because he/she placed his/her worth on things that crumble, and now will have to get his/her worth from The Maker of everything, to which nothing made was made without Him.

PARALYSIS OF ANALYSIS: too many people are going around analyzing the situation of their lives when they might not even have the slightest incline to who they are. You find lots of people making decisions out there based on what is happening to them and not based on who they are, so they think and think and think about the situation of their lives that they become so overwhelmed and paranoid. They live with us, and among us, but believe me have left the scene, because despite the fact that they are with us, they no longer have anything in common with us. They come out in the morning to go for a Job interview and see the rain about to fall and they say “this rain is about to fall so that I can get late to the venue of the interview and lose from the very beginning”. They don’t see the rain as a sign of abundance and good things to come in their lives, or as a way of making others get to the venue late while they get there on time. While others see their not being married as a reason to work on their lifestyle, relational skills etc, they see not being married as a result of being married to a stubborn spirit husband/wife who will never allow them to get married, and so they spend the rest of their lives binding spirits who really have no power over them as they stay in fellowship with the Father and the Son as scripture recommends.

What’s stops a lot of people from coming back to the scene and sight of others?

Most of the time people don’t come back because they don’t know where to start from, and that’s a huge concern for many, whatever the situation may be, either from a relationship breakup, a divorce, drop-out from school, loss of job etc.

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