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I know what you want

I have four sons from Lawrenta Omono my only wife, and I have fears for them when it comes to “Time To Get Married”. Those fears come from my experiences in my Counseling Room. I sit back and I listen to females tell me about how they have slept with a minimum of 25 Men, and what comes to my mind is, that means when she is getting married, her own husband who should be the only one to have slept with her if we go by God’s original plan will probably be the 31st Man sleeping with her, and I wonder what is left of the wholeness that she should have brought to her husband in Marriage. If you have slept with only 3 Men in your life as a woman, I can assure you that that is enough to visit a counselor and find out if all is still well with you, because every time we move away from God’s original plan, we pay for it in ways beyond our comprehension.

On the other hand our Men have shown that they shouldn’t be encouraged to get into romantic relationships these days, but to first seek healing, and I mean healing in every area of their lives. Do you know we can hardly find a Man today who has barely even started a relationship with a Lady without already asking for sex? Today, when a guy is asking a Lady out, she had better ask him for clarification if what he really wants is sex or a relationship. I have a lot of Singles talk to me about how their relationship is having problems and want to know what to do to make it last. They tell me about how much they are in love with the person in question that they don’t want to lose him, and then I ask how long they have been dating each other, and I am told 1 month, and you will be shocked to know that within that space of 1 month, she has slept with him over and over again, has had an abortion for him already, has slept over in his apartment or for the shameless man out there today, he has slept over and over in her apartment too. Well don’t blame him, most men you see around today don’t have a place of their own and are usually just squatting somewhere until they find an unreasonable, gullible and desperate Lady they can live with etc. Then after a while she says he is acting up and she wants to know how to retain her imbecile?

In the first place there is nothing to retain, because the guy in question is not matured to be in a relationship irrespective of his natural age. In situations like that you don’t judge people by their natural age, but by their emotional age. And most guys out there today, if we have to go by how they handle relationships, we can estimate that they can’t be more than 8-13 years emotionally despite the fact that he is 30 years and above naturally. He hasn’t the skills to keep a relationship for long, and doesn’t see the need to because he does not even understand why he has to be with one person for so long, when new models come out almost every day. Don’t you know we are in the age of New Models, which makes us want more and more and keep discarding of whatever we don’t consider to be in vogue? Producers have to sell their products, and for them to keep selling they have discovered the secret of adding something new to their previous edition to create a latest model, and then create a need in the consumer through adverts to make him see what he can add to what he already has which will make him happier than he already is right now and be more fulfilled. You and I know by now that that happiness never last, because by the time the new model of the product comes out, the former happiness is gone and until he gets the latest model and he will no longer be happy.

With these programmings going on, some if not most of our men have been programmed this way and so have a great dissatisfaction of staying with just one lady when it comes to relationships, a lot of our Men out there don’t believe Marriage makes sense, because it makes you stay with one woman for the rest of your life, and what they fail to realize is that you should never deal with a Human being the way you deal with things. People were made to be loved while things are meant to be used, and when it comes to loving, commitment is essential! No one can love successfully what he or she is not committed to. And if you think I am wrong, please stay with me and let me show you. We are living in times when the enemy of our souls has done a good job in making Man to reverse the order of God. The enemy makes Man to use people nowadays and to rather love things. Haven’t you noticed the way your boyfriend spends more time on his Blackberry than he spends with you despite the fact that you are there with him, and when you complain, he keeps telling you that that small gadget in his hand does more for him, than anybody else can ever do. He tells you it brings money for him, connects him to the right people, and saves him having to go for meetings many distance away when he can just have a conference on his BB. Poor you! Isn’t it obvious who he really is in love with? He doesn’t even talk to you as much as he talks to his BB. He only comes around you when he needs his sex most of the time. That is why he feels he is doing you a favor when he drops the stupid gadget in his hand for a second just to ask you for a few minutes how you are, and if you want someone to get you something to eat, before he quickly goes back to his BB.

But for you dear lady, you don’t know any better, because it seems all your life, you have been used, and so despite the fact that there is a craving to be loved by someone, you don’t know what love entails, you have hardly experienced it, and for most of you ladies out there today, what you seem to have experienced that is closest to love is sex, and so for you if that’s all you get, well then that’s all you keep asking for indirectly by some of your unconscious gestures. That’s why I don’t understand a guy who sleeps with females the first time he meets them these days and assumes he must be very charming or seductive, not knowing that it has nothing to do with that, but just a diabolical programming of our Ladies by the enemies of their souls. And so before she slept with you today, she slept with someone else yesterday, and poor you, I see you are not using a Condom with her, well she didn’t use one yesterday with the guy she slept with too, and maybe you need to know that people rarely use this condom thing anyway.

These are my concerns, even if there is no God (and believe me I know there is) this iscertainly not an intelligent way to live our lives. I see a generation mortgaging their future with their eyes opened. The generation before you will soon all be gone, and so who will you be blaming for your upbringing then. Men and Ladies alike need to seek help concerning the way they have been handling their relationships, otherwise it will be just like Bob Marley sang when he said “Think you are in Heaven, but you are living in Hell!” I know a Generation that retains God in their knowledge can be saved from doing things that are not convenient, and by these I am not talking about having a form of Godliness, but denying the power there off, otherwise with the form of Godliness that most of us seem to have nowadays, things shouldn’t be getting this bad. I mean a Lady sleeping with a minimum of 25 Men today, come on, we are in trouble and it’s time to seek for God again with all of our hearts.


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