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September 8, 2011

Factors that affect your calorie needs (Part2)

Do not be deceived; slow and steady wins the race. There is no magic in losing weight. Weight lost through starving or depending on strong suppressants that make you forget about eating or by taking “Chinese capsules” is deadly and, of course, the weight comes back so quickly and even more because you can not starve all your life.

Once you resume eating, if you lost 10kg in 2 weeks, you gain 20kg in another 2 weeks. So, be wise and careful.

Body Perfect teaches you how to eat healthy because food is very important and to push it further, the use of QUALITY DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS, NOT DRUGS IS encouraged so that weight lost is permanent.

Remember, your body also needs essential vitamins to function. Always see a doctor or a nutritionist to know which is right for you, especially when you have over-weight problems.

Ready to lose weight, stay fit and smile when you see yourself in front of your morrow? Ready to be healthy, lose weight and get a nutrient-dense-calorie eating plan based on African diet? If yes, start with any of these detox and diet solutions (08037090382, 08072444573).

For seven reasons to drink “Body Perfect Cleansing and Healing Cocktail, call 08023126770.

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Detox Solutions:

Ready to be on top of your health? Start with these detox solutions. (08037090382)

Are you overweight? A waistline of more than 31 inches for women and 36 inches for men is overweight and if you’re ready to bring it down in a healthy way, start with the following detox solutions:

(a) Miracle Detox: A cleansing programme that helps rid your system of free radicals that clog your metabolism, making it difficult for you to lose weight. It is also good for jump starting a weight-loss programme. It is a one-month programme which includes 7 (seven) days of cleansing and 3 (three) weeks on a metabolic booster. In one month, you can shift as much as 10kg.

(b) Beach Body Detox Diet: This is a more intensive detox/diet programme that gives faster and lasting results on weight-loss, energy and skin glow. It is a month long programme of clean eating based on a calorie intake of 1,200-1,500 of African foods.

It has healthy supplements for hunger reduction, sugar craving and belly blast. This helps with suborn abdominal fat, especially after child bearing or a Caesarean section. With a month of Beach Body Detox, you can shift as much as 18kg and 6 inches from the stomach.

(c) 48-Hour Detox: This is for people who are already on a weight-loss programme or want to reduce bloating within hours. It is a quick and healthy way to drop as much as 4-5kg in 48 hours. (For details, call 08072444513, 08023126770 or 08034545819).

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