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Assessing Jobberman’s initiative in bridging Nigeria’s skills gap

A source from Jobberman’s initiative said that yearly, Nigerian tertiary institutions churn out many graduates, some of who are ill-prepared both in character and content for their own jobs or white-collar jobs.

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Meet Aisha Ochuwa, the lawyer that prefers to sell jewellery

By Prince Osuagwu Lawyer turned social entrepreneur, Aisha Ochuwa, is a typical example of new generation entrepreneur. The brain behind online jewellery brand, Everything Beautiful by Aisha Ochuwa, EBAO, Ochuwa said her law practise has become a second option, as she has dedicated her life to building one of the fastest-growing jewellery brands in Nigeria
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Growth in Africa is Fragile and Now, COVID-19: How the Continent’s Economies Can Recover

The African Economic Research Consortium (AERC) Senior Policy Seminar has placed a spotlight on fragility of growth in African economies, seeking to stimulate an informed policy dialogue and related policy-making aimed at reducing identified fragile contexts and building a more resilient African economic sector. However, social and economic issues that were already highly challenging have
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