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Why I will never be part of Nollywood — Wale Adenuga

Young boys and girls have pocketed Nollywood and sent veteran actors into forced retirement. These old actors are now living in abject poverty due to inactivity. Some of them facing avoidable deaths. But you see, there is nothing bad in adopting Nollywood as name for Nigeria film industry, what I expected was that when you are telling the story of that Nollywood, it behooves on you to say it started in 1950s, giving credence to those who started it before you.

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Famous stars and their give-back to society

Have you ever wondered why givers never lack? They never lack beacuse the hand that gives is always on top. And it is also good to applaud someone even when he is given and he remembers to give gratitude. Givers are men and women with weaknesses; they have shared their individual tears and have secret fears. In this edition, we eulogize a young man impacting the youths with music and projects and some young women affecting lives through their charity foundations.

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