September 18, 2019

Passion not enough to succeed in music industry – Owens Leo

Passion not enough to succeed in music industry – Owens Leo

By Gabriel Olawale

The Chief Executive Officer, Money Making Machine Gang, MMMG, Mr. Agbontan Godson Owens aka Owens Leo has disclosed that to excel in music industry it requires more than passion.

In this interview with Gabriel Olawale, Owens said that money plays a key role in delivering the kind of quality your fans will admire.

Why the name money making machine gang?

It’s a motivational name. Name does several works in our life.​

What motived you to venture into Music Industry?

My passion for music was from childhood, I loved good music and I can sing as well. But I was never opportuned to chase that career at tender age. In 2009, I venture into music business and my record ​ label was officially launched in 2017. This year I signed my first artiste “White man”.

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How has it been since opening your record label?

Since 2017, it’s not really been easy but we’ve both been together. My artist was first working with me as a hypeman in the club, then I found out that he actually got the talent and he’s a good entertainer. I decided to sign him after listening to his songs, which I noticed had good messages to deliver unlike the regular Naija jams. His songs are inspirational and motivational. We believe in working before eating, hence the reason for his genre.

When you are in Russia, how was it like schooling and singing?

It was not easy because I was not financially buoyant. But I manage to release some songs while I also collaborated with some of my Russian friends. My music journey took me to Greece but I was only able to stay Russia for 2 years while pursuing my education.

I was unable to complete my education in Russia because the cold was too much. It wasn’t good for my chest, so I had to return to Africa and enrolled in Adonai Institute, Benin Republic where I eventually finished and went for my youth service in 2016. I study Computer Science and I have plan to go for my Master very soon.

How do you think someone can stay relevant in music industry?

You need to have another source of income.  For instance, I have been trying to establish several businesses that will ensure money keeps coming and for posterity sake. I have Saloon where people make hair and also night club where people can relax and have fun. Am a very ambitious person and I have plan to set up more businesses. I usually stock farm products like red oils, melons and ogbolor when its cheap and sell when it increases in price.

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What is the motivation behind pursuing all these businesses at once?

Music business needs money and without funds to push it, your passion is wasted.

Their was a post that have you and Davido, any plan of collaboration?

YeS. We are working on something together already.

very soon. Collaboration with Davido is cooking already. Am also looking at relationship with Burnaboy And Olamide.

What are your future plans regarding your business?

Owens Leo: I only believe in the present, the future is not sure for anyone, Maybe, you can call me the only man who doesn’t believe in insurance, because my life itself is not assured. I’m the type who loves entertainment, like I have strippers in my club. So, in the future, I believe I will consider having a hotel and a concert location that can take thousands of population.