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Acting makes me expose my body too often — Ginika Maureen

Ginika Maureen started her career proper in 2013 and she is known mostly for her controversial role in ‘SS3 Students’ where she acted as a lesbian. Ginika has played a lot of bad girl roles in movies and because she is so convincing in her on-screen performances that some people have come to believe she is how she appears on screen. In this exclusive interview, she talks about her career in Nollywood, life and more

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Juliet Ibrahim recounts Ghana flood experience

Most parts of Ghana including the capital city, Accra, and major city, Kumasi, recently experienced what has been described as worst flooding in the history of the country. Floods, which in some places, reached beyond the chest, were reported, and many lives were allegedly lost. The flood, according to reports was no respecter of persons as it visited both the low and the mighty. Even actors had stories to tell.

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