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Sanusi’s Interview With London Financial Times (2)

In last week’s column, we invited Sanusi to take a closer look at the proposal in our paper titled “A Liberalised Foreign Exchange Market: and its Economic Benefit” Boyo/Ojomaikre 2002 to the National Economic Intelligence Committee (see in which we recommended that CBN auditors be permanently embedded in the Treasury and Foreign Exchange Departments of each bank as the only way to guarantee that the information submitted by our banks are accurate and reflect a true position of their state of health.

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Akwa Ibom, be nice

By Ochereome Nnanna I HAVE watched with sour interest what has been going on between Akwa Ibom and Cross River states since the Federal Government decided that the latter was no longer an oil-producing state. The story of the two sister states is an ironic and intriguing rise of a former underdog and the increasing
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The amnesty, then what?

Writers are more than town criers. They are reminders and have the advantage of looking back into the records in the bowels of time to tell you what they said when the come came to become (if we must revisit Mbadiwe’s memorable lines). On June 29, last year, I wrote a piece, The Niger Delta Swamp.

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Reflections on reactions

And I’ve also been criticized by a handful of individuals (friends as well as foes), who either disagreed with some or all of the points I made or simply felt that my article was too divisive…and that I should have urged my fellow Ogonis to forget about the bitter mistakes of the past, instead of highlighting internal rifts.

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