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Marriage and Family

Own your marriage


There are some widely known factors responsible for happy and successful marriages: mutual respect, selflessness, humility, love, forgiveness, patience, tolerance, endurance, empathy, compatibility, effective management of differences, etc.

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Twelve bodies burn, as fire guts OAU anatomy department

Weird testing of manhood

I have read many excuses of fathers who slept with their daughters. Some blame it on the devil. Others blame it on joblessness and frustration, while some others blame it on drunkenness, foolishness and so on. But none of the excuses I have heard has been as dumb as the one I read recently.

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Kaduna, gunmen, policemen

“Guns that never shot”

All students and lovers of African literature are familiar with these words from the late Prof. Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart. Okonkwo had given his second wife, Ekwefi, a thorough beating over a non-issue and was about to go hunting, something he was not renowned for, a fact known to everyone, including Ekwefi.

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