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Marriage and Family

Baby friendly

In the process of bringing a child into the world, there are mainly two experiences that the women find pleasant. The first is the sexual encounter that kick starts the process.

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Re: Naturally determining the sex of your babies

Do not be surprised that we are still on this matter. Besides companionship, which God decreed as the primary reason for marriage, procreation comes next. And many people would love to have things their way, so the continuing interest in the pre-selection of the sex of babies is understandable. Today, we are going to deal with two questions, the fallout from last week’s article.

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Nigeria’s exponential population

“Population is only a strength if it is well educated, healthy, the economy has the capacity to provide them with employment and households have enough income to buy goods and services produced by businesses”—Mr. Bode Augusto, at the Vanguard Newspaper Economic Forum in April this year. since 1989 to raise awareness on global population issues.

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Reality check

My friend was taking his eight-year-old son to school last week in his SUV. Near the private school he attends are government-owned schools. Then he turned to his father and asked, “Daddy, these children walking to school, who attend public schools, do they live in houses?” My friend was stunned. His first thought was a sarcastic response: “No, they and their parents live under the bridges and on tree tops.” But he calmed down and explained to his son that they also live in houses like them. He explained further that attending public schools does not make them any less human or disadvantaged.

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A tale of two health systems

Citizen Adebayo Akinwunmi, 41, a Nigerian, was shot by armed robbers in his house, in Ogun State, near Lagos. He specifically requested his elder brother, Babatunde Akunwunmi, to take him to Reddington Hospital, where his company had a retainership. He probably took that decision to get prompt medical attention.

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