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My natural prostate remedies

I hold tenaciously to the African saying that the stick you see should not pierce your eyes. Prostate is a stick every man should see and it should not lead to cancer or other complications.

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To flog, or not to flog

By Francis Ewherido There is an ongoing debate on whether or not parents should flog children as part of parenting. The debate is necessitated by some recent developments, among them a 12-year-old girl in Enugu, whose back was lacerated by the parents with a cane and possibly other objects. Cane was freely used in homes
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Francis ewherido

House of horror

By Francis Ewherido In the last few weeks, our sensibilities have been bruised and assaulted by a eries of cases of domestic violence. The most salient are violence by spouses against their other halves, and supposed guardians maltreating minors (is there a word like househelp?). Much as I wish all newlyweds a happy married life,
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Man, 30 bags life imprisonment for rape in Ekiti

Can a man rape his wife?

By Francis Ewherido The issue of rape is topical at the moment. People are asking questions and someone asked: “Can a husband also be accused of raping his wife?” For me a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is insufficient. To start with, what is rape?”Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or
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FIDA seeks review of Gender-Based Violence laws

Miss Uwaila Vera Omozuwa

By Francis Ewherido I knew it would not take time before he would be arrested. It was too brazen and repulsive. It is an affront on God, the Nigerian Police and our collective sensibilities. God would not allow the rapist and killer to escape arrest for too long. Even if God did, our collective cries and
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Why Lagos State is epicenter of COVID-19 in Nigeria

COVID-19: Hard choices

By Francis Ewherido The Corona Virus (COVID-19) is one visitor that is not in a hurry to depart.  It has taken up residence on mother earth at least for now. The lockdown that was imposed when the virus hit our shores is being gradually lifted. Another lockdown is unlikely and not even sensible because it
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Omote Omam’Omo

By Francis Ewherido No suspense, the title means that the girl child is a good child. Some time ago, I read the story of a woman, who surrendered her two daughters, aged 13 and 18, to his “man-of-God” lover to sleep with, because he promised to heal her sick SON. The foolishness that comes with
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Passion could start to fade just after one year of marriage

Marriage Na scam?

By Francis Ehwerido Many young people are increasingly getting disillusioned with the institution of matrimony. Some have seen situations in other marriages, and even in their young marriages, that they did not bargain for and they tell you that marriage is a scam or fraud. Today, we want to interrogate marriage and find out if
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