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Marriage and Family

Celebrating divorce?

By Francis Ewherido Divorce, which is an official dissolution of a marriage, is one of the blights of the marital institution. Very few people go into marriage with the intention to get divorced at some point. That is why people take the vow of “till death do us part” at wedding. Divorce is a sensitive
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Duties of a mother to her children

By Francis Ewherido A mother’s duties to her children start from conception. There are certain foods recommended for pregnant women at each stage of the development of the foetus for the proper formation and health of the baby. These foods include sweet potatoes, lean meat, berries, avocados, dairy products, fish liver oil, dried fruits, amongst others. 
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The mistake of Abram

By Francis Ewherido And it happened that Abram (later Abraham) had to temporarily relocate to Egypt with his wife, Sarai (later Sarah), due to famine in Canaan. Just before they got to Egypt, Abram became worried that the Egyptians could kill him if they knew Sarai was his wife because she was beautiful. And it
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Bitter-sweet week

By Francis Ewherido I have been disoriented for much of the week. I have done very little this week. I had even planned not to write this week because contradictory emotions have left me completely disoriented. When the EndSars protests started, I was completely fine with the way the protesters conducted themselves. That’s the standard of
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Going back home

By Francis Ewherido About five years ago, the former editor of The Guardian, Abraham Ogbodo, told me he would return to his village once he retired from The Guardian. Retire to the village in your 50s? What will you be doing? Not many people do that, especially in Urhobo Land. I did not take him
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Duties of the wife

By Francis Ewherido A marriage is a union of a man and a woman (women in cases of polygamy), with the woman being the wife. Each spouse in a marriage has duties he/she has to fulfil for the marriage to run smoothly. Shirking of responsibilities by spouses is one of the major reasons why marriages
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