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What would you do differently?

Any time the question pops up and the respondent says: “nothing,” I scream hypocrite! That is what you are, a hypocrite if you claim you will change nothing about yourself or situation if you were to start all over. You also deny your fallibility if you claim you will not change anything about yourself or situation if you have the opportunity to start all over again. I am not talking about situations beyond our control like our heights, looks, breast size, penis size, complexion, etc. But you even find some people artificially altering these features that are supposed to be outside our control through breast augmentation or reduction surgery, facial plastic surgery, bleaching, etc.

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“Crime of passion”

By Francis Ewherido First, a former classmate, Juanita, posted it on our Whatsapp platform. It sounded like fiction until I read the full story in Daily Sun. I will refrain from mentioning the names of all the actors involved because they are already too traumatised. But the story is: a man lost his daughter shortly
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