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Marriage and Family

Money is sweet, but not oily

The heading is a literal translation of a popular saying in Urhoboland: igho vwerha; yo f’ivwrii. It means money is good, but not everything. For some time now, especially since Vanguard Newspaper and others started devoting specific pages to reporting of crime stories, many people have been asking if these crimes have always been there or there an upsurge.

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The downside of old age

My mother, Mrs. Paulina Powder Ewherido, was 84 years last Tuesday. In a country where the average life expectancy for women is 53 years, that is remarkable. And for people, who know the health history of this proverbial cat with nine lives, 84 years is monumental. I always forget her birthdays until it has past, but this year, I deliberately kept it in mind so that I will call and “look for her trouble.” On Sept. 5, I called, but I could barely tease her.

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Getting married? Welcome to hell

Recently, I felt my marriage course participants were getting too comfortable and lethargic as they were preparing for marriage. I decided to jolt them by showing them the other side of marriage, starting from the lesser drawbacks. I had barely gone 30 percent when I started noticing anxiety in their faces. One of them, who could not take it anymore, blurted out: “Excuse me, sir, you are scaring us.” My intention was not to scare them from marriage, so I stopped.

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The game changer

Next Tuesday is World Population Day, a day which seeks to raise awareness on global population issues. In Nigeria, our exploding population, which currently stands at 191.8 million, is a real issue. At the individual level, I have made it a sing song to my marriage course participants that after the first three children, they should think and think again before they add number four, because the fourth child is a game changer.

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Small sh*t dey spoil ya*sh

The hardworking and amiable Governor of Lagos State, Mr. Akinwunmi Ambode, is in the eye of the storm for marital and family issues, rather than political reasons. Mr. Ambode is alleged to have ordered the Governing Council of the Chapel of Christ the Light, Alausa, Ikeja, to sack the presiding Chaplain, Venerable Femi Taiwo for “disrespecting” his wife, Mrs. Bolanle Ambode, during the anointing service on Sunday, May 14, 2017. The Venerable failed to give Mrs. Ambode and her entourage preferential treatment. He made her to queue and wait for her turn like other mortals. The report said Mrs. Ambode patiently waited for her turn and stormed out after the anointing!

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