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Marriage and Family

Omote Omam’Omo

By Francis Ewherido No suspense, the title means that the girl child is a good child. Some time ago, I read the story of a woman, who surrendered her two daughters, aged 13 and 18, to his “man-of-God” lover to sleep with, because he promised to heal her sick SON. The foolishness that comes with
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Marriage Na scam?

By Francis Ehwerido Many young people are increasingly getting disillusioned with the institution of matrimony. Some have seen situations in other marriages, and even in their young marriages, that they did not bargain for and they tell you that marriage is a scam or fraud. Today, we want to interrogate marriage and find out if
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Osun discharges 2 COVID-19 patients, records 2 new cases

COVID-19 palliatives

The COVID-19 Pandemic has left our governments at all levels embarrassingly exposed. The effects of decades of bad governance are staring us in the face. Nigeria has no institutionalised social security and safety nets for the aged, infants, the unemployed, disabled and other vulnerable groups.

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Brownhill Foundation fights coronavirus in Delta State

My stay at home

By Francis Ewherido There wasn’t enough time to properly plan for this COVID-19-imposed stay at home. But staying at home is the sensible thing to do to stem the spread of the virus. Being confined is very tough to handle, but with age, I have learnt to surrender circumstances that are beyond my control to
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An unforgiving and stone heart

By Francis Ewherido A horrific and sadistic drama was staged at the God’s Glory Ministry, Jos last Saturday. The ‘actor,’ a certain Rufus Aplang and his fiancée, Judith, were billed to exchange marital vows. It was reported that when the presiding pastor asked Aplang if he was ready to take Judith as his wife for better,
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Birthday reflections

Last Monday was my birthday. Usually, I do not do much of personal post on social media, but I make my birthday an exception. I post my birthday on social media. I love the avalanche of prayers and goodwill messages. The prayers of many righteous people will surely avail much and the goodwill messages achieve their purpose: they make me feel good. What is life if, apart from you, no one else prays for you or wishes you well?

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