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Our societal values need overhauling

By Omuyiwa Adetiba Let me start by relating experiences I have had in the past ten years or so as examples of the values we now see as the norm and try to connect the dots. A young girl had just finished her JAMB but didn’t fancy her chances of getting a good grade so
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Pope Francis

Coloured and colours of genocide

POPE Francis unfortunately, fell victim of the academics and politicians who coloured the commemoration of the centenary of the Armenian genocide. To this group, genocide is genocide depending on the perpetrators and the victims. However, if the perpetrators are powerful or have strong allies, genocide become mere murder, killings or at worst, massacres.

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After the 2015 polls: Sweet victory and its problems

The results of the 2015 elections are now known and believed to be accepted by all, without the familiar ‘Nigerian factors‘ of superficially crying over sour milk. A commendable standard has been set by the present Nigerian political leaders that whether win or lose , the post election period would be peaceful, leaving the doubtful aspects of the various results to the determination of the country‘s respected judicial system.

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Saving Buhari from himself

Every newly-elected regime is entitled to a period of “honeymoon”: that moment of euphoria, high expectations and good wishes; people trying to curry favours, everybody entertaining the hope that the new kid on the block will wave the proverbial magic wand and all their problems will disappear.

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INEC official attacked by thugs leaves hospital

Aba—An official of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Sunday Chigozie who had been in hospital following injuries he sustained after being attacked by some hoodlums believed to be political thugs, has been discharged. Narrating his ordeal to South East Voice, Chigozie said he was attacked during the Saturday, April 11, 2015, governorship/ state assembly elections, while travelling to Umuahia to see his boss, who had asked him to bring some items for her at the INEC state headquarters.

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Anambra pensioners groan under unpaid entitlements

AWKA—PENSIONERS in Anambra State have been groaning under unpaid pension arrears owed them for years by the Federal Government, with many of them complaining that they have become tired of being tossed about by federal civil servants in charge of pensions in Abuja. Though they have been getting their state pension regularly, they alleged that those responsible for the federal pension frustrated them so much so that they had resigned to fate. In Anambra State, it had become a common feature for the pensioners in the state to be meeting regularly to discuss their plight.

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