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Theatrics in the National Assembly: Who is guilty of sabotage?

Virtually every government in Nigeria was overrun or infiltrated at one point or the other by saboteurs: Goodluck Jonathan himself famously claimed his administration had been infiltrated by Boko Haram sponsors and sympathisers. Government appointees in Nigeria live large and act out a script, sometimes even without the knowledge or endorsement of their principal. They do the bidding of other unseen actors and one often wonders about the process which enables or allows so many strange characters to occupy positions of responsibility.

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Will defections be the beginning of party politics reform in Nigeria?

PARTY politics in Nigeria has been turned into a game: beyond analysis of R-APC, nPDP battles and defections, very few people have bothered to ask how any of these political games and schemes benefit Nigerians. I am yet to read any analysis which details the ideological leanings of any of the main contenders: politics in Nigeria is a game of survival, not of loyalty or convictions.

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Disinterest in politics: A sign of both privilege and delusion

TO a number of well-to-do Nigerians, it doesn’t matter who wins elections, who becomes senator, governor or president, because they believe they will always have access to contracts, businesses and opportunities and that they are above caring how this country is run. Unfortunately, neither the elite nor the middle classes seem to have learnt lessons from the recession or the consequences of free spending, little savings or real investments.

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