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Defending the ‘national cake’ from AMCON debtors

THE Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria, AMCON’s frequent pronouncements about debtors rarely seem to strike a chord with the public; many people do not seem to understand the effect of unpaid loans on the economy, its stability or even the consequences for their own jobs if and when companies destroyed and mismanaged by the same repeat offenders, shut down.

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The unspoken public health challenge: Depression, suicide and Nigeria’s declining standard of living

OUR economic discourse obsessively tracks GDP figures but fails to analyse the standard of living in real terms. Similarly, we pay very little attention to the average Nigerian’s emotional wellbeing in a system where it is virtually impossible to achieve anything without a high level of resources or connections. We talk about attracting foreign direct investment but fail to analyse why it doesn’t seem to have an impact on the lives of ordinary people.

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