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All the black market injunctions

NORMALLY, we don’t have to justify telling the truth but we do have to justify not telling the truth. The plain truth is that from the beginning, these smart guys — men who at times even attempt to outsmart themselves — have the same modus operandi. They think they are bold and with their boldness, they can intimidate the rest of society and browbeat all of us into submitting to their whims and caprices.

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Echoes of Racism

IF you have never heard of a man called Cliven Bundy, you don’t have to worry for he is one of those none entities you are better off not knowing. He was not even known anywhere outside his small village in the state of Nevada, that is, until recently when he singlehandedly challenged the might of the U.S. federal government – and won, even if it is a pyrrhic victory!

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