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The security question, economic policy and other crucial issues

It is a pity that weeks after the presidential election, the election which was generally agreed to be fair and free; Nigerians would still be under the feeling of uncertainties about the structure and composition of the federal cabinet and also the security of life and property of the individual. Unfortunately, if feelers are reliable, President Jonathan might disappoint his numerous admirers as to his ability and that of his ruling party (PDP) to forge a new Nigeria.

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This Boko siege is haram

THERE is one thing the latest Boko Haram attack at the Louis Edet House last week has made clear: That the terrorist group means business and is prepared to take on the Nigerian state head-on. For those who don’t know, Louis Edet House is the national headquarters of the Nigeria Police, the principal police department in the country, named for the first indigenous Inspector General of Police, Sir Louis Edet.

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N10,000 Note? Perish The Thought!

The Guardian Newspaper’s editorial of Monday, 13th June proffered what it considers a plausible alternative to Central Bank’s recent directive on cash withdrawal/deposit limits with Money Deposit Banks. Indeed, Nigerians have largely been agitated by CBN’s advance notice of daily cash withdrawal/deposits limits of N150,000 and N1 million for individuals and corporate bodies respectively, as from June 2012, in place of current limits of N1 million and N10 million respectively.

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Not yet a suicide attack

THERE are many versions of the story of the bombing incident at the headquarters of the Nigeria Police at Abuja on Thursday last week. For the purpose of our exercise today, I have chosen to adopt the official police version. In a statement published in the name of the Inspector General of Police, Mr Hafiz Ringim by his spokesman, Olushola Amore, the Police claimed that it was “a suicide” bombing. However, from my layman’s (and commonsense, at least so I think) point of view, it was nothing of the sort.

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Boko Haram’s threat

By Obi Nwakanma On Thursday, the militant Islamist group, Boko Haram took their challenge to the Nigerian state one notch up. They bombed the Louis Edet House, the headquarters of the Nigeria Police Force in Abuja. As a statement of defiance, nothing could be bolder.  It is a simple statement of challenge: catch me if
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