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Mass wedding: Committee screens 3,000 applicants in Gombe

The Committee on Mass Wedding in Gombe State on Tuesday said it had commenced screening of 3,000 applicants for the second batch of the exercise.

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Body Perfect 101: Do you know eating sugar is also associated with hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)? When you consume sugar, the beta cells of the pancreas secrete the hormone insulin. Insulin lowers blood sugar levels and is necessary for body to use glucose, which is used to produce energy. However, if excessive amounts of sugary foods are eaten (such as cookies, soft drinks or pastries and pies), excessive insulin may be secreted, which may drive the blood sugar too low. As a result, people may become shaky and light–headed due to low sugar!

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Clean eating diet

Body Perfect 101: A diet high in additives, preservatives, and refined sugar can cause poor concentration, hyperactivity, and aggression. This is because foods high in sugar and additives lack chromium which is removed in the refining process. Chromium is needed for controlling blood sugar levels; when these levels are out of control, it can trigger these behavioral problems.

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Smart choices for healthy eating

Body Perfect 101: A diet high in fat, sugar and salt leads to weight gain and increases risk of obesity. Carrying excess weight doesn’t just increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and infertility; it is also associated with fatigue, low self esteem and poor mental and physical performance.

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