A good night’s sleep restores, repairs and rejuvenates your body. Sleep is important because it is vital for your immune system and your overall health. Sleep also slows down the aging process. Lack of adequate sleep increases your risk of developing Type-2 diabetes as well as a host of other diseases.


A good night’s sleep is free; a bad night’s sleep is costly. This is because lack of sufficient sleep takes a toll on your health. We live in a world in which day and night no longer matter. Thanks to modern technology, we can work and play round the clock. This is not how our bodies and minds were made to operate. The main way we pay for this is PREMATURE AGING and a constant song of “I’M TIRED”.

Sleep and rest are so important because of what they do for your health:

1. Sleep regulates release of important hormones: When you sleep, growth hormone is secreted. This causes children to grow and it regulates muscle mass and help control fat in adults. When you don’t sleep enough, this hormone’s function is disrupted. Perhaps, lack of sleep is partially to blame for the fact that most people are overweight or obese. Leptin, another hormone, is secreted during sleep and directly influences appetite and weight control. It tells the body when it is ‘full’. A person who doesn’t have enough of this regulating hormone often has a runaway appetite.

2. Sleep slows the aging process: The term ‘beauty rest’ is literally true. Sleep slows the aging process, and some say it is one of the most important ‘secrets’ for averting wrinkles. How well a person sleeps is one of the most important predictors of how long a person will LIVE.

3. Sleep boosts the immune system: People who sleep nine hours a night instead of seven hours have greater than normal “natural killer cell” activity. Natural killer cells destroy viruses, bacteria and cancer cells.

4. Sleep improves brain function: One study shows that short term sleep deprivation may decrease brain activity related to alertness and cognitive performance.

5. Sleep reduces cortisol levels: Excessive stress raises cortisol levels, which disrupt neuro-transmitter balance in the brain, causing you to be more irritable and prone to depression with many diseases, but the cure is as close as your pillow. Sufficient sleep helps to reduce cortisol levels.

Good sleep is one of the best health principles available to you, and yet relatively few people get adequate sleep.


FLAX SEED OIL (A cholesterol zapper, an energizer, blood sugar stabilizer and detoxifier).

Flax seed oil is a key element capable of setting off an effect of weight loss and health benefits. It contains Omega-3 (essential fatty acids), which along with CLA and GLA, are the missing link to health, beauty and weight loss. As their names imply, essential fatty acids are vital for human health but because they cannot be made by the body, they must be obtained from foods. If your waistline is expanding, it could be because of a deficiency in the right kind of fat!

An Omega-3 deficiency promotes weight gain in several ways. First, the appetite centre in your brain may not be getting the message that you are full, so you eat more than you need.

Second, your metabolism slows down, causing you to take in more calories than you burn off. By consuming flax seed oil, you’ll feel full for up to 3 or 4 hours so you won’t be tempted to over-eat between meals.

Also, Omega-3 in the flax seed oil is known to boost serotonin levels in the brain. As a result, you won’t feel depressed and you won’t feel the need to eat to release anxiety and stress. Flax seed oil revs up your metabolism, stimulates bile production, and attracts oil-soluble toxins that have been lodged in fatty tissues in the body, eliminating them from your system.

Beyond being a dieter’s dream, flax seed oil plays a critical role in healthy brain function, proper thyroid and adrenal activity, and balanced hormones. It strengthens the immune system; helps to maintain healthy blood and nerves, and breaks down cholesterol.

The Omega-3s in flax seed oil are also needed to produce flexible cell membranes, which allow for efficient use of insulin and stabilization of blood sugar. In the colon, Omega-3 fat helps to protect colon cells from cancer-causing toxins and free radicals, thus reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Need I say more? On the beauty front, flax seed oil promotes glowing skin, shining hair, and strong nails. You can see why this supplement is vital to everyone’s health and wellness. This oil has been nick-named “Liquid Gold”. Do yourself a favor and add flax seed oil to your daily diet. Combine it with “clean eating diet” and you will pull off excess weight and develop fat flushing “glow”.

NOTE: This supplement comes in oil, soft gel and powder (ground flax seed). It is highly perishable so be sure of your source as they come in different brands. (Body Perfect Organic Superstore stocks the best brand. Call 08072444513 or 08037090382 for weight loss and general well being.)

Over-weight issues? Don’t gamble with your health. Visit or call 08072444513, 08037090382 or 08023126770 to speak with an expert. Or, commence the weight control process with these:

Are you overweight? A waistline of more than 31 inches for women and 36 inches for men is overweight and if you’ve ready to bring it down in a healthy way, jump-start the weight-control process with the following detox solutions.

(a) Miracle detox: This is a cleansing programme that helps to rid your system of free radicals that clog your metabolism and thus making it difficult for you to lose weight. It is also good for jump starting a weight loss programme. It is a one-month programme, which includes 7 days of cleansing and 3 weeks on a metabolic booster. In one month, you can shift as much as 10kg.

(b) Beach-body detox diet: This is a more intensive detox and diet programme that gives faster and lasting result on weight loss as well as energy and skin glow. It is a month-long programme of clean eating based on a calorie intake of 1,200 – 1,500 of African foods.

It has healthy supplements for hunger reduction; control of sugar craving and belly blast; which helps with stubborn, abdominal fat, especially after child bearing or a caesarean section. With a month of beach-body detox, you can shift as much as 18kg and 6 inches from the stomach.

(c) 48-hour Detox: this is for those already on a weight loss programme or wants to reduce bloating within hours. It is a quick and healthy way to drop as much as 4-5kg in 48 hours. Health is cheap, disease is expensive. (For details, call 08072444513, 08023126770 or 08034545819).

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