Body Perfect 101: A diet high in fat, sugar and salt leads to weight gain and increases risk of obesity. Carrying excess weight doesn’t just increase risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and infertility; it is also associated with fatigue, low self esteem and poor mental and physical performance.

NOTE: A waist circumference above 36 inches for men and 31 inches for women is associated with increased risk of health problems.

Smart Choice 1: Fill up with fruits and vegetables. IT WORKS!

If there is one thing that most people lack in their diets, it’s food from fruits and vegetables. When you eat more fruits and vegetables, these low-calorie, high-volume foods will usually take the place of some more calorie-dense and less nutritious foods.

Fresh produce is loaded with vitamins, minerals and phyto-nutrients. Aim to get at least five servings everyday (closer to nine is even better). Natural fruit juice can count as a fruit serving, but keep in mind that it lacks the fibre and “chew factor” that come with whole fruits.

Smart Choice 2: Go for the whole grain make a simple switch to whole-grain breads, cereals (whole oats or wheat) and other grains (brown rice, whole wheat pasta).

Look for products that have lot of whole grain, such as whole wheat, oats, brown rice, as their first ingredient. Besides providing fibre which helps to fill you up, whole-grain foods supply a host of other health benefits such as lowering blood cholesterol levels and reducing risk of cancer. Aim for, at least, six servings of grains per day and make, at least, half of them whole grain.

Smart Choice 3: Lean on poultry, fish, egg whites, nuts and legumes. These are all excellent sources of protein. Stick with chicken, fish and keep them lean by using a low-fat cooking method such as grilling, boiling, roasting or stir-frying.

Legumes and nuts offer fibre and other essential nutrients in addition to protein. Egg whites are another option for getting high quality protein without a lot of fat and it keeps you full for long.

Smart Choice 4: Down-size your portions being aware of serving size is important to weight control. What many people don’t realize is that a serving is not necessarily the amount you usually eat. What you actually eat is a portion of food which may be bigger or smaller than a recommended serving size. A serving is not the amount that fills your plate either. Seek for the right information so you can judge the overall amount of food recommended by a specified food guide.

These are based on the total number of recommended servings per day. So, if you eat a large portion, this may count as more than one serving. For instance, a single serving of brown rice is ½ a cup. A typical lunch portion, though, might be 1 or 1½ cups, which would be equivalent to 3 servings of the 6 to 11 recommended daily servings.

One of today’s biggest challenges is controlling portion sizes. We have become conditioned to expect large portions of food, especially when eating out. Regaining your perspective and control over portion size is one of the most successful weight loss strategies.

Smart Choice 5: Manage your meals meal time management is essential to weight loss. This includes timing of your meals, foods and nutrients that compose your meals, and the size of your meals.

These factors all have one important thing in common they help you manage hunger so you can mange your weight. Better meal management combined with some extra activity, may be all it takes to get rid of that extra weight.

Fat Flush Vegetable CABBAGE, one of the world’s oldest vegetables, cabbage continues to be an inexpensive dieting staple. A number of the cruciferous family, which includes broccoli and kale, cabbage is rich in cancer-fighting nutrients, including vitamin C, fibre and two phyto-chemicals, sulforaphare and indoles.

These two compounds help detoxify the body, ridding it of cancer-producing substances, including excess estrogen. A number of studies have shown that women who include cabbage in their diet regularly, reduce risk of breast cancer by 45 percent.

Cabbage has powerful anti-bacterial properties as well. Decades ago, researches at Stanford University determined that consuming cabbage is a good treatment for peptic ulcers. Glut-amine is an amino acid that nourishes cells that line the stomach and small intestine. The high glutamine content of cabbage allows it to heal ulcers for often as few as 10 days.

Are you overweight? Are you ready to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off? Then, jump start with any of these.

Detox Solutions: Missing Link to Health and Beauty

1. MIRACLE DETOX: A cleansing programme that helps to rid your system of free radicals and increases liver function. It is also good for jump starting any weight-loss programme. (You can lose as much as 7kg in 7days. It could also help to remove/reduce any tumour growth in the stomach).

2. BROWN RICE PROTEIN DETOX DIET (30-DAY PROGRAMME): This is strictly for WEIGHT LOSS and POST-PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN, especially stomach and Caesarean section tummy bulge.

3. 30-day Beach Body/Detox: Lose up to 18kg.

4. 48-HOUR DETOX: This is used to flush fat, reduce bloating and water weight. It also helps to restore metabolism and glowing complexion. (It is a quick and healthy way to drop as much as 4-5 kg in 48 hours).

Six reasons why you need “Body Perfect Cleansing & Healing Cocktail, NOW WITH MILK THISTLE”

1. It is an ENERGIZER: It helps to fight fatigue, wards off stress and provides energy boosts to the entire body.

2. IT IS A DETOXIFIER: It rids the body of toxins, thereby ensuring cleansed and invigorated liver.

3. IT IS A BLOOD SUGAR STABILIZER: It helps to steady blood sugar which curbs your appetite and prevents fatty deposits that are part of insulin resistance.

4. IT IS A DIURETIC: It helps to de-waterlog the tissues and eliminates excess water weight.

5. IT IS A CHOLESTEROL ZAPPER: It helps to rid the body of bad cholesterol, thereby balancing the ratio between “good” and “bad” cholesterol.

6. IT IS A THERMOGENIC: It helps to raise body temperature, thereby helping it to burn fat efficiently rather than storing it as fat.


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