Body Perfect 101: Many fertility experts believe that unhealthy diet, high in fat, sugar and processed foods and low in nutrients essential to fertility, can lead to infertility and increase the chances of miscarriage. YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT

Myth: If you eat fat, you will get fat.

Truth: If you eat excess calories you will get fat. Weight control relies on a calorie budget, not only a fat-gram budget. Fat loss occurs when you burn off more calories than you eat. If you require 1,500 calories per day to maintain your weight but eat only 1,000 calories, you will lose body fat. The kind of calories that you eat may be of less consequence in weight loss but for the sake of good health, get your calories from organic natural foods.

Some people eat large portions of fat-free foods, thinking that fat-free means calorie-free. Bad idea! Excess calories regardless of the source will ultimately be stored as fat. Dieters who try to fool the dieting system by eating only fat-free foods fool only themselves. To lose body fat, you need to create a calorie deficit.

The advice to eat no fat and lose body fat tends to work best for overweight people who eliminate fatty foods and lose weight because they eat fewer calories. For example, instead of having 700 calories of canned beef, fried eggs and buttered bread for breakfast, you can switch to 400 calories of waist-friendly cereal and one banana as part of a conscious effort to lose 50 pounds and your weight will drop because of the continued calorie deficit.

Because only excess fat calories are fattening, you can eat fat (good fat) e.g. nuts as part of your calorie budget. Note that many lean people eat fat and are thin. You can too, as long as you don’t over eat total calories. Just as fat-free does not mean calorie-free, fat-filled does not mean off limits. Within nutritional reason, you should spend your calories on the foods that provide good nutrition.

Myth: Food eaten after 8p.m. readily turns into body fat while you sleep.

Truth: If you are hungry at night, you should honour hunger and eat. What you should be bothered about is the QUANTITY and QUALITY OF FOOD you eat. Refined carbohydrate is the worst food to eat after 7p.m.

Many people, because of their hectic work or training schedule, enjoy most of their calories at night and in the process consume excess and the wrong type of calories. Other people, however, under-eat by day only to blow the diet at night. They eat more than what their bodies require and consume excess calories.

Night eaters consume more carbohydrate and fat and less fruits and vegetables. At night, people tend to eat fewer carrots and more cakes. Cultivating enormous evening appetite easily ends up with over-eating and weight gain.

The bottom line is that you should feed appropriately during the day and then eat less at night. You’ll not only have more energy and lose weight but also prevent yourself from becoming too hungry and over-eating. Remember that when you get too hungry, you may no longer have the energy to care about how much you eat and what you eat. You simply want to eat. The drive to eat is physiological and has little to do with will power.

Myth: The more or longer you exercise, the more you’ll lose weight.

Truth: The more or longer you exercise or force yourself to over exercise, thinking to burn more fat, the more stress you put on your body thus producing stress-inducing hormone (cortisol) and instead of losing weight, you gain more weight especially around your mid-section.

The more or longer you exercise, the hungrier you get and the more you eat. For example, you may spend 90 minutes on the treadmill burning off 500 calories and then devour plantain chips and a bottle of soda (600 calories) in less than six minutes. The trick is to eat healthy an hour before you exercise and do not exceed 45 to 60 minutes, three to five times a week; make sure you do exercise you enjoy. Never overwork your body.

FAT FLUSH FOODS – SWEET POTATOES: It’s hard to believe that a food with both “sweet” and “potato” in its name is a great food for dieters. Yet, it’s true. Sweet potatoes are among the most nutritious foods in the vegetable kingdom. And, as scientists have discovered, they are also one of the oldest known vegetables, having been consumed for about 10,000 years from pre-historic days!

Despite its name, sweet potato bears no relation to common potato and can be eaten by people who normally steer clear of potatoes. Sweet potatoes are packed with calcium, potassium, and vitamin A, C, and E. They also provide fibre iron, thiamine, and manganese. As an anti-oxidant-rich food, sweet potatoes help the body eliminate free radicals, chemicals that damage cells and eliminate heart disease and cancer.

Recently, sweet potato gained a well-deserved title of “anti-diabetic food” because of its power to stabilize blood-sugar levels and lower insulin resistance. So, the next time your sweet tooth rears its ugly head, skip the cakes and cookies and enjoy delicious and satisfying sweet potato.

Despite their sweetness, sweet potato is considerably lower on the glycemix index than white potato. A baked sweet potato is 77 on the index, while a baked white potato is 121!

Are you overweight, ready to lose weight in a healthy way and keep it off? Then, start with any of these:

Detox Solutions:

Detox Missing Link to Health and Beauty

1. MIRACLE DETOX: A cleansing programme that helps to rid your system of free radicals and increases liver function. It is also good for jump starting any weight-loss programme. (You can lose as much as 7kg in 7days. It could also help to remove/reduce any tumour growth in the stomach).

2. BROWN RICE PROTEIN DETOX DIET (30-DAY PROGRAMME): This is strictly for WEIGHT LOSS and POST-PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN, especially stomach and Caesarean section tummy bulge.

3. 30-day Beach Body/Detox: Lose up to 18kg.

4. 48-HOUR DETOX: This is used to flush fat, reduce bloating and water weight. It also helps to restore metabolism and glowing complexion. (It is a quick and healthy way to drop as much as 4-5 kg in 48 hours).

Six reasons why you need “Body Perfect Cleansing & Healing Cocktail, NOW WITH MILK THISTLE”

1. It is an ENERGIZER: It helps to fight fatigue, wards off stress and provides energy boosts to the entire body.

2. IT IS A DETOXIFIER: It rids the body of toxins, thereby ensuring cleansed and invigorated liver.

3. IT IS A BLOOD SUGAR STABILIZER: It helps to steady blood sugar which curbs your appetite and prevents fatty deposits that are part of insulin resistance.

4. IT IS A DIURETIC: It helps to de-waterlog the tissues and eliminates excess water weight.

5. IT IS A CHOLESTEROL ZAPPER: It helps to rid the body of bad cholesterol, thereby balancing the ratio between “good” and “bad” cholesterol.

6. IT IS A THERMOGENIC: It helps to raise body temperature, thereby helping it to burn fat efficiently rather than storing it as fat.


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