Are you overweight? A BMI (body mass index) of 25 to 30 is overweight; 30 to 40 is obese; and, over 40 is severely obese. A BMI of less than 18.5 is officially classed as underweight. A BMI of 18.5 to 25 is normal.

To calculate your BMI, measure your height in metres and square it (multiply the figure by itself). Measure your weight in kilograms and divide your weight by your height squared. For instance, if you are 1.6m tall and weigh 65kg, the calculation will be:

*1.6 x 1.6 = 2.56

*65 ÷ 2.56 = 25.39

In this example, the person has a BMI of 25.39, so she’s overweight but not by much.

GOOD FOOD: These are living foods or raw foods, good carbohydrate, organic foods, good protein, good fats and unprocessed foods.

GOOD FOOD: These foods will –

1.Boost your thinking power.

2.Lift your mood.

3.Reduce stress.

4.Boost your vitality.

5.Give you a healthier heart.

6.Play a part in fighting cancer by releasing agents that can cause abnormal cell growths to shrink or disappear.

7.Help fight aging and slow down your body’s natural deterioration.

8.Help chase away common colds and flu and stimulate your body to make more natural killer-cells to ward off infection.

9.Prevent headaches and asthma attacks.

10.Create substances that can mute the pain and swelling of arthritis.

11.Attack bacteria and virus.

12.Boost your fertility and sex drive.

13.Make your skin, hair and nails glow with health.

When it comes to heart disease, a healthy diet is a prime player. It can supply chemicals in the blood that can unclog arteries, reduce cholesterol, create blood clot solvents and send hormones to relax artery walls and reducing blood pressure.

There are countless other benefits, and it would be impossible to name them all. But the message is loud and clear: HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES CAN MAKE YOU LOOK AND FEEL GREAT.

BAD FOODS: Over-cooked vegetables, bad carbohydrates, non-organic foods, bad protein and refined foods, bad fats and processed foods. YEARS OF EATING BAD FOODS COULD LEAD TO DIABETES. IT’S NOT WORTH THE RISK.

BAD FOODS: Basically, if your diet isn’t healthy, you won’t feel healthy and you won’t lose weight. These bad foods will -1. Accelerate aging process.

2.Cause weight gain.

3.Cause digestive problems, including bloating, gas and cramps.

4.Make your feel drowsy and lethargic.

5.Play havoc with your concentration.

6.Give you mood swings.

7.Adversely affect fertility and libido.

8.Set in process, silent attacks that weaken the joints and clog the arteries, increasing the risk of heart disease and arthritis.

9.Make arteries narrow and stiff – just right for the formation of blood clots.

10.Promote toxic activity within the body that years later may end up as cancerous growth.

11.Weaken your immunity.

12.Increase the pain and swelling of arthritis.

13.Give you unhealthy looking skin, hair and nails.



My name is Uju, an avid reader of Body Perfect column in the Allure Vanguard. I visited the Body Perfect office in February 2011 because of my stomach. I am a very skinny person but due to a C-section I had in December, my stomach hadn’t gone down. It was very embarrassing as people still thought I was still pregnant. When Princess Kathy saw me, she told me to come back after delivery. I had to tell her that there was no baby there. I actually looked 7 months pregnant!

Consequently, I signed up for the 30-day Beach Detox Diet. One week into the programme, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis. I became sad and depressed. I was told that I had to run a series of tests before I could be placed on medication.

I informed Kathy and she told me to continue with the programme; that it was a liver infection and that the cleansing will help. Three weeks later, I completed the Beach Body programme and my stomach really went down, but not down enough for me to stop so, I signed up for another one month.

I was then called to begin my Hepatitis treatment; my doctor ordered another test before I was to begin the drugs. To my greatest surprise and that of the doctor’s, there was no trace of Hepatitis anymore! I called Princess Kathy who told me that it was the cleansing programme and the liver-friendly detox diet that helped.

My stomach is now down and in the process Hepatitis gone! I am full of energy and I am so happy. I eat healthy and most importantly I am looking and feeling good.

Keep it up Kathy; you are sure doing a good work. God bless you.


07044538785 (Lagos)


Detox – Missing Link to Health and Beauty

1.MIRACLE DETOX: A cleansing programme that helps to rid your system of free radicals and increases liver function. It is also good for jump starting any weight-loss programme. (You can lose as much as 7kg in 7days. It could also help to remove/reduce any tumour growth in the stomach).

2.BROWN RICE PROTEIN DETOX DIET (30-DAY PROGRAMME): This is strictly for WEIGHT LOSS and POST-PREGNANCY WEIGHT GAIN, especially stomach and Caesarean section tummy bulge.

3.30-day Beach Body/Detox: Lose up to 18kg.

4.48-HOUR DETOX: This is used to flush fat, reduce bloating and water weight. It also helps to restore metabolism and glowing complexion. (It is a quick and healthy way to drop as much as 4-5 kg in 48 hours).

Six reasons why you need “Body Perfect Cleansing & Healing Cocktail, NOW WITH MILK THISTLE”

1. It is an ENERGIZER: It helps to fight fatigue, wards off stress and provides energy boosts to the entire body.

2. IT IS A DETOXIFIER: It rids the body of toxins, thereby ensuring cleansed and invigorated liver.

3. IT IS A BLOOD SUGAR STABILIZER: It helps to steady blood sugar which curbs your appetite and prevents fatty deposits that are part of insulin resistance.

4. IT IS A DIURETIC: It helps to de-waterlog the tissues and eliminates excess water weight.

5. IT IS A CHOLESTEROL ZAPPER: It helps to rid the body of bad cholesterol, thereby balancing the ratio between “good” and “bad” cholesterol.

6. IT IS A THERMOGENIC: It helps to raise body temperature, thereby helping it to burn fat efficiently rather than storing it as fat.

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