Body Perfect 101: A diet high in additives, preservatives, and refined sugar can cause poor concentration, hyperactivity, and aggression. This is because foods high in sugar and additives lack chromium which is removed in the refining process. Chromium is needed for controlling blood sugar levels; when these levels are out of control, it can trigger these behavioral problems.

How would you like to feel fantastic, lose weight, live longer and healthier, and cut your risk of many life threatening diseases, including cardiovascular disease and cancers (the biggest killers of all)?

There is a formula that will help you achieve this, it is not a pill or a secret ingredient or a ridiculous program based on cutting entire food groups or impossible food schedules or starving yourself; it is a make_over of the life that you’ve already leaving, a beautiful pattern of adjustments and new behaviors that are within your reach.

This new pattern of eating has the power to revolutionize your health and help you be physically reborn. It is called the EAT CLEAN DIET. It is not a punishing set of rules but a pattern of eating.

The Eat Clean Diet is based on steps to supercharge your health and be physically reborn. These steps are:

(a) Base your diet on a foundation of a rich variety of many different vegetables and fruits – especially in their fresh, natural, whole state.

(b) Include healthy carbohydrates from whole grains, and healthy fats and protein from foods like fish, bean and nuts.

(c) Minimize saturated and Trans fat, sodium, processed foods, added sugars and cholesterol in your diet.


(e) Don’t skip meals, deprive yourself, or go on a fake fad diet.

(f) Get regular physical activity at least thirty to sixty numbers of moderate exercise on most days of the week.

(g) Combine these steps and you can reduce your risk of many major diseases such as:

1. Cardiovascular disease

2. Obesity

3. Several forms of cancer

4. Diabetes

5. Other diseases including osteoarthritis and muscular degeneration.

The “eat_clean” diet is for you if you simply want to feel great in your daily life. The everyday food you put in your body can literally kill you but the healthy food you put in your body and the exercise you do, can fight disease and transform your body into a masterpiece of power and energy. You may think that genes are the main trigger of illness especially diabetes, cancer and obesity but it has been pointed out by researchers that many of these diseases are largely as a result of interactive between your environments. Genes can pre_dispose you to illness, but environmental factors like diet and lifestyle often trigger diseases to main test themselves.

A big lesson from our genes is that you inherited a genome that is literally programme for daily physical activity and a high_fiber diet.

* The eat clean diet unleashes the power of the ultimate super foods.

* The eat clean diet can help lose weight and keep it off.

* The eat clean diet can help you live longer and feel better by fighting a wide array of major disease.

The eat clean diet is to take small, achievement steps, and faithfully track your progress.

The eat clean diet makes up 70% of the Body Perfect formula to a lean, healthy and sexy body

Genes (10%)

Physical (10%)

Detox (10%)

70% Nutrition

(eat clean diet)

The other 30% also very important because without the 30% you cannot get a good result from the 70% based on your nutrition.


Are you overweight? A waistline of more than 31 inches for women and 36 inches for men is overweight and if you’ve ready to bring it down in a healthy way, jump_start with the following Detox Solutions:_

(a) Miracle detox: A cleansing programme that helps rids your system of free radicals that clogs your metabolism and thus can’t lose weight. It is also good for jump starting a weight loss programme. It is a one month programme which includes 7days of cleansing and 3 weeks metabolic booster; in a month you can shift as much as 10kg.

(b) Beach body detox diet: A more intensive detox/diet programme that gives faster and lasting result on weight loss, energy and skin glow. It is a month programme of clean eating based on a calorie intake of 1200 – 1500 of African foods. It has healthy supplements for hunger reducing; sugar craving and belly blast; which helps with suborn abdominal fat, especially after child bearing or a cesarean section. A month of the Beach body you can shift as much as 18kg and 6 inchesfrom the stomach.

(c) 48 hour Detox: this is for those already on a weight loss programme or wants to reduce bloating within hours. It is a quick and healthy way to drop as much as 4_5kg in 48 hours. Health is cheap, disease is expensive.

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