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Alaba traders kick against piracy

“A thief cannot steal from himself”, he said, “the marketers who are marketing these CDs like Ahbu Ventures, Pacific, Sonic, Afro best, Oceanic and to mention a few have the license to do so .We want to work with anonymous agencies to fight against piracy. We are inviting censor and other government agencies to come and establish their offices here and monitor and see things for themselves”, he ended while declaring Alaba safe for business.

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Obesere to release hip hop album

Obesere, until last week, was to sign for another record label and both parties confirmed weeks back that agreement had been reached except for some few areas that needed to be sorted out before they both put pen to paper. But with what happened last week, ‘few areas’ were not sorted out and neither of the parties was able to put pen to paper.

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