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September 29, 2019

Too Good to Cut ‘Cake Etiquette'(Part 1)

Too Good to Cut ‘Cake Etiquette'(Part 1)

By Janet Adetu

What’s the mystery behind the wedding cake? Your wedding day celebration is incomplete without that famous wedding delight.

Some brides go simple and settle for a two tier cake, others go the whole nine yards and do as many as a 5-7 tier cake or better still a cake with individual layers garnished with elaborate sugar craft flowers and embellishments.

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Today we are seeing even the simplest of wedding cakes by way of multiple cupcakes arranged in tiers, how times are changing.

The wedding cake is one of the most eye catching themes of the wedding, usually strategically placed for all to see. The ceremonial nature of the couple getting up to cut the cake sends paparazzi on a frenzy and you too at times.

Did you know that the wedding cake has a tradition and customary role in weddings, starting as far back as the days of the Roman Empire?


(i)Traditionally the wedding cake is to symbolize the couple having a prosperous life together

(ii) The original symbol of the cake was for the groom to show his dominance in the marriage.

(iii)Most cakes are white as a symbol of purity.

(iv) The cutting of the cake symbolizes the first joint task in married life.

(v)The Bride feeding the groom is a commitment to vow to help her groom wherever possible.

(vi) The freezing of the first layer symbolizes the portion of the cake to be used during the christening of the first child or in celebration of the 1st wedding anniversary.

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Now that you have a fair idea of what the wedding cake stands for, it is paramount for all brides to follow a few basic rules when choosing their cake. Remember that your cake will form one of the center pieces of attraction as I mentioned earlier. Everybody looks forward to that moment, another time to shine after all it is your unique day. Whether you are the bride or the groom, planning now or later, I have come up with a few Etiquette Tips for you when it comes to settling for a wedding cake, take note:


Today’s wedding cakes come in all shapes and sizes, models as well as themes, it is truly a case of how artistic your cake designer is.


In choosing a designer research into it at least three, who have either been recommended or have proven to do beautiful cakes by reputation. The designer should be able to recommend and advise you on styles according to your pocket. The cake designer should be seasoned enough to tell you the latest trends and be willing to show off recent works plus offer cakes to taste.


Even if you have the most ambitious, designers remember that the average wedding cake is not cheap. It is a good idea to set yourself a budget to work with according to your entire wedding budget. Try to stay within it as much as possible. Your budget will also determine how durable the cake may be highly influenced by the ingredients used. Some cakes use a dash of alcohol for preservation so think carefully when deciding your budget.


It is your wedding and your theme, most times the designer will run with your thoughts and imagination. However the view of an expert is always welcoming so it is a good idea to solicit advice when choosing a cake maker. Research into various designs and have your own creative idea. Ensure your cake maker is also creative enough and experienced to do what you asked for and possibly more. Why not search the internet or use your social media platforms to see a world of beautifully designed wedding cakes. I once attended a wedding when the cake was in the design of a sleek car because the couple were both engineers, it was so original.

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Your theme can include floral designs like sugar flowers, ribbons or drapes. You may decide to choose round, square, hexagon or heart shapes for your cakes.

It is important that the colours of your cake match the decor of the reception and the colour theme of your wedding including dresses. Be careful when choosing colours because not all colours work well with cakes and the icing, The prettier the cake the more inclined your guests would be to eat it.


It is important to make an appointment with different cake designers to taste their different cakes and flavours. You should be looking out for:-

  • Texture: – Moist, Firm.
  • Flavour: – Vanilla, Chocolate, Almond lemon, orange, coffee or chocolate and many more.
  • Type/Texture: – Fruit, Carrot, Sponge
  • Fillings: – Cream, Jam, Butter cream
  • Decor: – Flowers, edible/non-edible
  • Design: – Tiers or Cupcakes

Watch out for Part 2