By Janet Adetu

Dear Esteemed Readers thank you for your encouragement throughout the past year as you follow my column on Business & Life Etiquette. It has been a journey having to keep alert and abreast of times. I am happy to see that the paradigm mind shift and attitude towards the importance of personal and professional development trough protocol and etiquette has taken a turn for the best.

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To succeed in life it takes a whole lot of the art of learning new things, unlearning bad things and totally relearning good things of the past. We welcome the next new decade 2020 and look forward to bigger and better things to come. It is now time to be more assertive, affirmative and intentional about your actions in life and in your business. Let me kick start the year wearing my coaching hat, and opening with one of my personal quotes:
“Achieving success is a lifetime goal
Take it one day, one hour, one minute at a time
You will surely get there!
Smile even when the tough gets going
And the going gets tough
The end result will be worth it!

As a certified high-performance coach all I would like you -to do this week is a business review. It is quite simple all you will need ia a journal and a pen and follow the questions listed below. If this assignment appears challenging then focus may not be a goal for you. If you schedule just a few minutes to answer these questions then you are keen on future progress, performance, projections and results. Remember I did say this year it will take a lot of intentionality, determination and drive to make a difference. Let us make it happened!

So here go!
Assessing Your Past Business Year – 2019
1. What were you top 10 accomplishments and/or highlights in 2018?
2. What was your greatest challenge: Professionally / Personally?
3. The three best decisions you made in 2019
4. What would you like to rewrite that occurred in the year/do differently?
5. What was your greatest contribution in 2019?
6. What opportunities can you see for the future?
7.What are you most grateful for… top 5 in 2019?
8. What 5-10 lessons did you learn about yourself or about life itself?
Projecting Your Future – 2020
1. What 10 goals/desires do you have for 2020? Professionally/ Personally?
2. Out of those 10 (for each), what are your top 3 priorities for 2020?
3. What 3 actions will you take for each priority to make them a reality?
4. What do you want to be the best at this year?

Step Up in 2020
Congratulations for taking the time to complete this little exercise. I look forward to working with you succeed this new year and decade.

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