By Janet Adetu


What is your favorite past time activity? For quite a few people sitting in front of the television watching a favorite series, documentary, movie or musical video is the ideal way to relax and while away the time. For others this is the only way to relax when at home. We have discovered also that television watching can be addictive most especially for young children and youth today. Are you a television addict glued to the TV?

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I have seen unfortunate incidences where the young children below the age of 5years insist on watching certain TV programs before having a bath and getting ready for school, the same pattern occurs when they return from school, when at a certain time they must watch TV before doing homework or even before going to bed at night. As much as the TV is a platform to learn so many new things, discover what is trending, what is in the news and learning new knowledge, it is important that you cut any excesses to avoid health issues, mentally, physically, and psychologically.

Advantage of the TV

  1. The television can encourage unity in a family, neighborhood or community. Everyone watching a certain program, competition or football match will enjoy it more while watching with family members.
  2. News information is a favorite for many when watching TV. Many adults will tell you that they only watch news presentations to know the latest news around. This is the fastest way to know what is going on around your neighborhood, your community, state, country and the global world. It is imperative you stay abreast of what is happening for safety, security, and proper local and international awareness.

3.Knowledge is power the TV shows multitudes of programs from Art, Creativity, Cooking, Dancing, Wildlife, Talk shows Music and much more. It forms the basis of learning new things, building IQ, perspectives and communication skills.

4.If you are looking for the latest trends in fashion, finance, business, leadership, country specific data the TV will surely give you that and more.

How do you behave or conduct yourself when it comes to the usage of the TV. I have devised a few etiquette tips for your perusal, happy reading.

Television Etiquette


When buying a new TV today we see that they come in all sorts of forms, shapes and sizes this creates the price determining factor along with all the features. Technology has advanced; understanding the features of a TV before buying sis very important so that you do not get stuck on how it operates or the technical gadgets attached to the packaging.


When placing a TV on a stand or on the wall it is important you take into consideration the positioning. A TV on the wall should be placed at eye level not too high up that will strain the neck, head and eye view of the viewer. The TV should be placed parallel to the average viewers’ eye level for convenience. The TV should also be at a reasonable distance away from the sitting view of watchers.


When watching TV the volume should be sufficient for those watching TV at that time. The moment others can hear the TV from outside or another room then this creates a nuisance to them. Ensure the volume is placed at a comfortable level for the listening ear. With television there is more watching the act of listening compliments what is being watched. Control the volume of your TV with the remote control or from direct source.


It becomes a health hazard when you watch the Television from morning to evening over 12 hours at a stretch. If your watching is intermittent and at intervals you alternate the time to watch and listen this is fine.  It is not expected that you sit glued to the TV but catch up with information as required. Constant TV watching at a long stretch can be detrimental to the eyes and sight.


How do you sit while watching TV? Do you tend to lie down for comfort or draw a high chair very close to the TV for a better view. To manage your posture it is important that while sitting you are mindful of the way you position yourself. Sitting in a comfortable chair while watching a movie or your favorite series can help a lot. Be careful while watching TV lying down; it can be strenuous without you knowing. Your posture may be affected when you lift your head back and forth. Be careful of your spinal cord, your legs and your back while watching TV.

TV Dining

Eating in front of the TV is called binging, it may not entail a proper meal but the constant non -stop eating. It is smarter to eat first then watch TV, to avoid choking, mishaps or more. Snacking in front of the TV is a favorite, which is acceptable but all in moderation. Do not encourage yourself to have a full meal, eat while eat and play while you play.

As much as I will say enjoy your TV, learn lots from it I will also say:

  1. Recognize what your kids are watching
  2. Control the viewing power from your kids

iii. Limit your duration in front of the TV

  1. Your health and welfare is influenced by the TV watch how you sit

v.Your eyes are your treasure protect them from too much light keep a distance from the Tv while watching




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