October 20, 2019

Etiquette & Grooming


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Surviving Challenging Economic Times

By Janet Adetu

“Etiquette is the balance of the old and the new ways of how you look, behave and communicate. It is your Panache Advantage. If you have it you can step into your next level, shine and survive these trying times.”Janet Adetu

The way you do things is key to creating that impression that is enough for the people that matter most to perceive you as trustworthy, confident, knowledgeable, respectful, approachable and an authority in your field. That is the only way they will be willing to partner with their limited resources and believe in you. Remember you cannot survive without the relationships you build daily. The customers hold the key to your success and survival. Remember too everyone is your customer from your social to business relationships. It is time to invest in the etiquette advantaged to survive sizzling challenging times.

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Your etiquette advantage will establish your footing in these challenging economic times. I

It is imperative to recognize that you will be judged no matter what. It is easier to save time and energy by just making that efforts to make a good first impression your polished image will fire your presence, highly influential for developing relationships with others. People will take you more seriously, listen to your ideas and trust that you can add value.

Facets of Etiquette & Grooming

Just as I defined in my quote above the concept of Etiquette has everything to do with your overall appearance, the way you behave and conduct yourself, your level of communication tactics. In layman’s terms Etiquette speaks to expected behaviour  among a group, society, association, country or nation, they represent guiding princples to make for better living. Manners and Protocol together are the bedrock of Etiquette, it is all about making those around you comfortable with intention. It does entail applying courtesy, kindness, respect and consideration. Etiquette requires you know and understand how to behave in all situations even awkward ones. How you apply the principles of etiquette is highly influenced by the environment, geographical location, culture, religion and at times guiding rules that apply therein.

Your image requires the application of etiquette in how you groom and how you present your visual, virtual and verbal image. Grooming is heavily overlooked by many who simply do nor realize the importance that it plays in our everyday living. How you groom says a lot about your personality, your character and your simple attention to detail.

Facets of Etiquette

Just to bring some perspective etiquette is a very wide topic, as it applies to our everyday flow of activities: A few of the topical areas stem around:

  • Social Etiquette: Business Etiquette Office Etiquette Public Etiquette School Eiquette Dining Etiquette More

To make the most of your etiquette savvyiness I suggest you greet loud and clear when you meet someone for the first time, give good eye contact, smile, shake hands where required, mix, mingle and be in control. To survive the challenging economic times it is a good idea to follow some of my A list strategie below:

  1. Establish a Competitive Advantage

We have established that competition is so stiff and becoming stiffer by the day, it is important that you discover those strengths in you that will help you have that upper edge. It may be as simple as you love for talking or your gift of time keeping. Place yourself in a competitive environment like applying for a job and think of that one thing you want the interviewer to remember you by. Your smile can be an added plus.

2.Portray Confidence & Assertiveness

Imagine being at a networking gathering with the responsibility of introducing a certain number of people to others. You would have achieved nothing staying by the food or drinks table waiting to be introduced by others. Your confidence and assertiveness is the major personality trait that must be built so that in approaching others you appear trustworthy. Integrity is key when it comes to building relationships.

  1. Exhibit Positive Impression Management

Your body language says a lot about the impression you create of yourself. First impressions literally takes seconds to make unconsciously.

4.Identify Your Leadership Traits

A leader is easily identifiable because of the presence created around them. These traits are developed overtime and enhanced with experience. A good leader must show decorum, charisma and emotional intelligence for all others around. Having a vision is paramount but having the right idea as to which way to flow shows independence, direction and focus.

  1. Master Appropriate Conduct

Standing in the middle of the airport screaming at a ground hostess maybe a spur of the moment thing at the time but can be an action that if seen by others may jeopardize your professional and personal image.

  1. Dress Strategically for Results

Is class or status important to you? Do you combine panache with your profession? A little more effort in your appearance can create the big impact required to move you forward.

7.International Presence

Do not make the common mistake of accepting your local norms as internationally accepted standards. The quickest way to kill your business practice or to put yourself at a disadvantage professionally is to disregard the norms of the international environment you operate in. Business etiquette practices are according to the land, the culture and religion are major determining factors that need effort, adherence and adaptability for success.

To survive the challenging economic climate you will need to pick up new ways outside the normal to conduct your business.

In conclusion if you care about the way you look, behave and communicate others will think that you care about your work, your first step to surviving challenging economic times. This etiquette advantage will ultimately help as you grow in the following ways:

?                                  Gaining employment

?                                  Receiving promotion

?                                  Obtaining new business

?                                  Encouraging listening loyalty

?                                  Being entrusted with a leadership role

?                                  Increasing self-esteem, confidence and credibility

     “Manners cost nothing, but the lack of manners can cost you millions”

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