By Janet Adetu

What is a CTM? One of my many questions I would ask during my grooming training sessions. For a few minutes I would see all the women look at each other searching for the answer. I would then repeat the question re-emphasizing the letters C, T & M. If I am lucky I may get the odd one or two telling me exactly what it means, otherwise until I spell it out well many are quite unaware. Simply put it is a beauty regime for both men and women alike involving a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturizing the power point of our bodies namely the FACE. Now why is that of any importance to you I here you say. Well the face is the most delicate part of the body, just by going about our daily activities we can clearly see that our face is subject to so much harsh weather conditions as well as pollution in the environs all affecting the skin in various ways without knowing.

Most times we are quite oblivious of what is going on with our face until we see dramatic changes like spots, blemishes and pimples breaking out, only then do we have cause for concern. I remember some years ago my face began to crack, if I attempted to smile. I suddenly began to appear quite aged. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on with my cracked face. After a thorough investigation I realized that in fact I was not washing my face at night, so was experiencing the aftermath of makeup settling in my face penetrating right through to the pours. No amount of cream could effect a change until a friend recommended a home-made treatment that worked. Keep reading and I will let you in on that home- made remedy.


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Before I do that though, it was on the back of my experience, that I discovered the importance of cleansing, toning and moisturizing regularly. Every woman needs to have a standard skin care regime to help keep their skin healthy and clean. Depending on the type of skin you have whether it is Normal, Dry, Oily, Sensitive or combination this will determine the type of product you use. My first strategy I would like to mention at this point is to try out age appropriate products first. Everyone’s skin sheds according to their age and not skin type, such products range from 20 years – 30 years, 30 years- 50 years and 50 years and above.

Step 1 – Cleansing

Your cleansing routine is the first step which is done to remove bacteria, makeup, dirt sweat and oil that builds up on the skin daily. It helps loosen and remove surface impurities. It also prevents the clogging up of skin pores as I experienced earlier. Simply your cleanser serves like a facial wash, some are foamy while others are fragrance free or liquid form. You may use a pre cleanser to take off make up, before the real cleanse, but remember to rinse thoroughly with clean water then dab dry.

Step 2 – Toning

Step Two is your toning routine which will help stimulate circulation and restore the PH balance in your skin, essentially the task is to remove all remaining dead skin cells that will result in a smooth textured skin. Living in a hot climate like we do; means that our skin is always invisibly dirty therefore the constant need to look after it. Some toners can be very harsh depending on the quantity of alcoholic content so may cause irritation to the skin. The spray version of toning is better than directly applying on the face with a face pad. A couple of sprays on the face is ideal and leave to dry naturally. Remember to always keep eyes closed when applying your toner. Interestingly after all said the best natural toner is cold water splashed on the face.

Step 3 – Moisturizing

This is the final part of your routine the moisturizing stage. Age aware moisturizers are better according to your age as mentioned earlier. The essence of moisturizing reduces the evaporation of water from the skin and protects the skin from pollution, debris and weather. Daytime moisturizing will help rebuild tissues helping the skin to look and feel healthy, while the night time moisturizer is good for people with dry skin.

Looking at the whole regime your cleanser should be ideal for your skin type. Your toner works deep below to reach impurities after cleansing which your moisturizer is the only skin protector. This is an everyday skin routine at least when it matters most.

That little extra

To further take care of your facial skin there is a little extra you can do. I tend to step it up a bit more at least once in a month or two by having a facial scrub, that penetrates deep down the pores by exfoliation. My favourite home made task is adding a facial mask that peels off.

Your facial routine does not need any professional knowledge, you may decide to pamper yourself once in a while by having a facial done at the spa always a great idea. But ideally without going too far you may start off treating yourself right in the confines of your own home all it takes is the determination to stay healthy.

Good luck.




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