By Janet Adetu

What did you do this last public holiday on Independence Day?

How do you make the most of a short public holiday?

The holidays are quite welcoming if you are overworked and overwhelmed with work, circumstances or the environment in general. The tendency is that you look forward to the short break and possibly have one or two things to do or social events to attend. The surprising thing though is just as the holiday begins before you know it’s over, you then start to wonder what you really did with your time and finally realize that all the things you planned to do are all still pending

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It does not matter how busy you are you will need to make time out of no time to reassess your position at least a quick self -audit or business audit too. Time never seems to be enough for anything, it is all about how well you use it.

I have put my thoughts together and came up with strategic ideas that could get you thinking just how best you could make use of your short holiday break. Take time to read and register those that could resonate best with you.

Reflection Time

Time to reflect is not so freely available or when it is available it becomes difficult to use it for yourself. Any short break can be planned for that will be more productive for you. In reflecting just take a moment to think about some of your goals, plans and ideas. Have you looked a second time at your personal vision? It is not likely that you are where you want to be for now but are you making the right moves towards the right direction? As you reflect do not forget to write down your thoughts this is the moment for deep thinking and possibly solution finding.

Revamp your old ideas

Have you had fantastic ideas that you just put a lid on waiting for the so called right moment? It could be as simple as read or write a book or start something new. Spending your short holiday period to revisit your old is a good use of your valuable time. It could be old plans that need taking care of, especially where procrastination has taken over, plan for the future. Do not stop at ideas for yourself alone, score a point revamping old ideas for your office, home or for a friend.

Restore Vibrancy

The idea of restoring Is about bringing back that spring in your step. Restore vibration in your home, your desk, your room or your life too. It could be restoring friendships, anything that adds a smile and possible make feel good. Restoring vibrancy may also involve the element redecoration or giving those important things a face lift. Make yourself available for the unusual you would be glad you did.

Recognize your Health

This area is surprise surprise is all about recognizing your age and health.

Are you a workaholic? Maybe you work around the clock and do not really see the need to slow down and check yourself, your health or your age. Spend time checking out the pain you have been ignoring or postponing for any other time.

Re-evaluate your values & beliefs

This is the time to re-evaluate what is good or bad around you. If you have been troubled by certain decisions or friendships then you will have to make some hard call decision to drop and move on ahead. Revaluate your personal values and beliefs while you are at it why not take a look at your goals which can be revised at this stage.

Rest and Relax

Yes the famous R&R – high time too. The holiday or short break may appear short but what better time a take that well deserved rest. Spend lotsof time relaxing and chilling if you ay lazing about. Of course tale a break aya if you can just for that change of scenery, bear in mind it does not need to be anywhere far.

  1. I.S.E :

Renew . Inspire . & Strategically . Empower 

Finally always use the opportunity of a short break to attend to you by renewing yourself or develop yourself, find things that inspire you and give you joy. To cap it all position yourself for strategic empowerment. Always aim for that upper hand, grow yourself by being vast and knowledgeable all around. Take quick course you feel empowered then you may empojwer others.

Best of luck!



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