By Janet Adetu


It’s Christmas, wishing you all esteemed listeners a very Merry Christmas, may this festive season open doors of opportunity for us all. The season depicts love, sharing, merriment, relaxation, joy, giving, entertainment and lots more.

What are you doing this Christmas holiday period?
Have you thought of how you plan to spend the next few days? It is possible that you are now at home on holiday taking a break from work. Hopefully you are resting in a little way also hopefully you are thinking about your goods for 2019.

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I personally feel that this is the time to re-strategize your business, reorganise your office & employees and plan ahead for better prospects in the new year. This is best done privately for better thinking and consolidation and goal planning. After this enjoy yourself to the fullest spending time with friends and family.

Talking about family this Christmas you are likely going to see more family members than normal be it in the village, at a family get together or even as guest to your own house? In the spirit of love Christmas with in-laws should be pleasant, fun, exciting, rejuvenating and more, on the other hand it will be that one thing this Christmas that you dread the most causing undue havoc at home.

Having just your mother in-law around may cause a little anxiety for some but it should not be like that. To make Christmas with in-laws a memorable one first be yourself then follow these few guidelines.

Hospitable Host
There is no dictionary that spells out how to be a great daughter or son in-law. Your reaction to your siblings will always be different from your reaction to your in-laws or relatives of your spouse. At this point just be cordial but appear friendly too, your hospitable nature must show especially if you are the host receiving your in-laws as guests this Christmas.

A warm welcoming smile will set the tone for the mood to start the day well. With good direct eye contact give another warm welcome and make it genuine. Ask a few pleasant questions, offer a few pleasantries and remarks, determine that you are going to enjoy their presence. It gives a very bad perception when you welcome in-laws coldly with no smile. This automatically appears like you are not pleased with their arrival. Greet as your culture determines and do not make unnecessary assumptions.

Gracious Guest
This Christmas you are likely going to pay a few visits or attend a few Christmas get togethers. It surprises me how some people feel very comfortable stepping into a place, taking a seat and waiting to be totally served in a place that is their in-laws house. Yes you are indeed a guest but your role at that point goes far beyond warming the seat. Be gracious, offer assistance even when it is not solicited. Show that you are also there to bond and be a great in-law. Trust me everyone will be happy when they see you are domesticated no matter how little. It is only when you are told that everything is under control and your assistance is welcomed but not needed then you can relax. Help keep a watchful eye on the kids if it requires so, I would say just be present at the party always.

Have Fun
Having fun with in-laws depends on your personality and how free a person you maybe. You may decide to want to relax and have a night out to the movies with your in-laws and the kids. This is great for unity and bonding especially if the movie is not a common place for you or your spouse. You may even decide to take all the kids young and old to the beach or on a road trip just to get away for a day or two. Make an effort that determines everyone must chip in one way or the other.

Memorable Festive Season
My favourite past time with my family is to take lots of photos; this is because I like to seize the moment when the whole family are together. This is a great time to get a large family portrait & lots of family fun pictures. It takes a lot of effort to organise a family photo session, so you must be able to arrange, coordinate and execute a good plan. Let everyone know what to wear and decide on a colour scheme for everyone. Book the venue in advance and let everyone know the venue.

Gifts Giving
Giving a gift is not compulsory it is the thought that counts. I do think that a special gift to your mother and father in-law will put a smile on their lips and encourage them to be happier as they do love surprises. The gift should not determine the position you want to be placed in the family.

Never use a gift to buy friendship or a relationship simply be u. In buying a gift that have a purpose, be meaningful and relevant to the person you are giving. Know a bit about the person you are giving a gift to and present the gift wholeheartedly.
You will be appreciated when you step out of your comfort zone to do something generous this season.
Merry Christmas to you all
Have a great one!



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