By Janet Adetu

Last minute Christmas shopping 

Let me shout out loud to all our esteemed readers; Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all in advance!
Wow! Christmas is truly here and it has come in a flash, I would say a gift to us all. As I watched the plane touch down recently and all I could see was an awesome scenery of snowy covered rooftops and grounds I was reminded of this festive season.

How grateful I was to remember the warmth I was coming from and how the weather can set the tone and play a major role in peoples, attitude, behaviour and daily mood. Personally, I decided to embrace the cold, wrap up warm and appreciate the gift of Christmas.

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Whether the year be good, bad or not so good the gift of the Christmas season is that time to reflect, spend extra time with friends, family, loved ones and colleagues engaging in tons of food and fun. A moment of reflection as I paused to remember that in spite of everything all one can do at a time like tis is to be truly grateful and ultimately thankful. It is no different from opening and reciting a mental or for some a physical gratitude journal. This is not the time to be heady, bossy, grumpy, moody or miserable as a leader this is where you stand the test of time.

How have you expressed kindness this season or are you still wrapped up with work? This gift of Christmas is the time to show the true leader in you.


We understand that globally the world has become fast paced, manner less and to a large extent thought with quite ruthless inhabitants. However everyone has it in them to be kind if they wanted to. I guess it is a simple human choice to be nice to another. Niceness and kindness is priceless and truly costs nothing. That decision to show any act of kindness can make a difference in someone’s life. As a leader it is a duty to ensure that team spirit exists and the show of kindness is a common day practice.

You have learnt new things all year round, this is the time to disseminate and share your pool of knowledge. It could be a simple word of wisdom, advice, or direction. The gift of knowledge is powerful as you should seek to act like a coach or mentor as best you can where it matters.

As a leader you are led to talk, direct and give all the instructions. As part of your learning curve you may be surprised how much more you will gain if you stopped to listen a lot more. Gather your thoughts and the thoughts of others as the gift of listening makes a better you.

How many times have I paid a genuine compliment and have been ignored knowing fully well the person heard. I believe it is not always known by some that all it requires is that basic ‘Thank You’. The gift of a compliment can put a smile on someone’s face as it boosts them at a time like this. As you receive a compliment just acknowledge in the kindest manner you can.

Who would have thought that the act of laughing is a curative for many ailments? As a leader you will need to show both sides of you where you express discipline, seriousness, focus and direction. In the same light your subordinates and colleagues should see how you unwind and share your fun side. You tend to get the best out of managing people when they are in less formal state of mind.

Being the year end it is a period of diagnosis and analysis. You may have met your year-end target or may not have, either way there is still the need to encourage and motivate your staff, colleagues, and others as you deem fit. The gift of encouragement will set thinking on a different level, ultimately directing better strategies’ for better results. You could be demotivating others around you without knowing, it could be you that needs the encouragement, set your goals for the new year and set the ball rolling for the next level.

This Christmas present your gift of the season with love, remember the needy, learn from the mistakes and focus on the way forward.
Wishing you all the best.

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